I don't find myself interesting enough to talk about and am not usually much for words. But, how rude I have been. For not introducing myself.


The name's Mugan (pronounced; Moo-gen) misspelled intentionally. I have been vegetarian since June of 2010. I started out as your typical Lacto-Ovo vegetarian. Over time I seem to have been growing more vegan. At this time in my life I find myself not so willing to buy anything with animal products in it, even though there were times I made exceptions. I never really bought animal clothing much before going vegetarian, but after watching Earthlings some time ago I never have and I seriously doubt I ever will.

I do not purchase eggs, milk/dairy for both health reasons and as to not contribute much to animal suffering (even though I have sometimes settled for veggie products when vegan alternatives weren't available). I'm also not really much of a honey consumer so I don't buy honey either (don't really care for the idea of consuming vomit). I will also, whenever affordable, obtain "animal free" hygienic and detergent products.

In all, I'm just trying to be a simple man living a simple life.

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Welcome welcome :) Nice to meet you, formally ;)

Thank you, Lauren.


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