Ever had some lame person come up to you, "HAHAHAAHAAA YOU'RE VEGETARIAN/VEGAN AND YOU DON'T EAT MEAT LOLZ"?

We've all been there.

We've all been completely exasperated countless times!

Share your stories and any 'one sentence show stoppers' that had shut them up right away! :D 

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One of my friend ever said to me: "are you vegetarian?? Really? You must be very weak for not eating meat!"

I said : "Let's go out and run together, let's see who run more, and who has a better physic. I run for 5-8 km every morning."

It really made him silence and couldn't say a words.

Lovable!!! Maybe I should start running more so that I can say that...

Getting away from meat and dairy gave me the ability to run, because I lost 45 pounds. So I can run 3+ miles (4.8 km) 3 times a week as part of my normal exercise routine. I lift weights, do yardwork in the off days.

I use the same kind of response. Recently, a much younger man (I'm 57) told me I'd be weak for not eating meat. I challenged him to arm wrestle. No more comment from him after that.

That sounds so obnoxious, sorry you had to endure that Xiao :(! But I see from your comment below you put that guy in his place, haha! I can run circles around any meat-eater I know, good way to show them how brilliant the diet is for strength and endurance. I've had people shove things like ribs and eggs in my face and laugh about how I can't have it. 

Well once my uncle was talking about how frail and thin vegetarians are (him being an obese man) and I stared him straight in the eyes and just said calmly, "You're right, you don't see very many obese vegetarians." Bigger isn't always better!

hahaha... this is a great answer to your uncle I think. It does show that vegetarian is much healthier than meat-eater in one sentence.

haha Lauren you sure told your uncle! i will have to remember that one.

being a new veggie, a lot of people still are yet to mention it to me...but my colleagues ask me whenever they find out why i have stopped eating meat, and i usually say something like "because after reading the facts and watching harsh truths, i believe vegetarianism is the most ethical diet choice." then they will often ask what i actually have seen/read so it's a good way to actually make people more interested rather than shooting them down & it falling on deaf ears :)

;)!! I am glad that people have been understanding so far for you, as they should be! It is a good sign of respect <3

wow... you are so lucky people have been understanding you. I would like to make all my friends interested in vegetarian too.

yes I know I am lucky -- compared to a lot of reactions I hear about veggies getting on this site. my only problem so far is people who don't know me (as in internet trolls) who just leave stupid comments hoping to spark a reaction. I just delete their comment XD
I think my friends and family know I am a fair, passionate person so it doesn't really surprise them. slowly converting my boyfriend, slowly but surely :)

I was at a bar/restaurant in Iowa and had asked the bartender if we could check out a menu. Few min after we had set the menus down, she asked if we were ready to order....we kindly declined. She started raving about the food at that establishment. I said, "I'm a vegetarian and I didn't see anything on the menu that I would eat, but it's all good, no worries". she replied, "well, we have lettuce" I looked at her..."I said I was a vegetarian, not a bunny..." she replied ".....oh"

Iowa.... ;)

AND, It just floors me when people ask "you're a vegetarian?!....what do you eat?" gah! everything except meat! :)

LOL, right?! Ugh it's so infuriating when they go, "Oh you're vegetarian? I'll make you a salad." Like that's all we can eat. Very annoying, wonderful answer haha


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