Ever had some lame person come up to you, "HAHAHAAHAAA YOU'RE VEGETARIAN/VEGAN AND YOU DON'T EAT MEAT LOLZ"?

We've all been there.

We've all been completely exasperated countless times!

Share your stories and any 'one sentence show stoppers' that had shut them up right away! :D 

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The Thoreau quote above should be cast far and wide. It makes the case for the whole veg herd. 

A friend told me that I was probably weak because I am vegetarian. I proceeded to do twice as many pull-ups as him.

I get this on EVERY date....so you're a vegetarian? Oh that's cool. I could be a vegetarian....except for fish and chicken and I do like to grill steak once in a while. but other than that...

Yes, we men can be hilarious and irritating at the same time. 

Honestly, I have had mostly nothing but rude people since I became a vegetarian. People don't understand it, they make all these assumptions- it's truly horrible. My damn family can't even fathom a dinner without meat and it disgusts me. People can be so ignorant when it comes to this and I feel it is just because they are uneducated. My Mom is constantly worrying about my health even though I eat healthier than most I know, it is frustrating. Someone told me I was crazy the other day for being a vegetarian and I just wanted to slap them. They went on and on about how the body needs meat and I couldn't even get a word in. Plus I had just met the person and didn't want to be rude, but next time- shutting them down.

Story of my life! So frustrating...

Its a frustration on their part. As they cannot rise above their basic body urges and slavery of taste buds, they wonder how a few like you can. Their weird comments are a frustration on their part.

A friend once tried to trick me and hid small pieces of chicken in my food! Dumbass ..
So instead of getting angry I said, "I respect your decision of eating corpses and satisfying yourself with the suffering of other living beings, so you respect me when I choose to keep my body clean of that" I left the table and that was the last time you laughed at me.
Perhaps it was a little dramatic, but I just had it with him!!! hahaha :)

One of my friends posted on my Facebook wall ' Vegetarian - an ancient tribal slang for the village idiot who can't hunt, fish or ride'. Rather than getting annoyed and i was kind of proud of myself and truly the joke was on him. I wrote in reply 'I am a vegetarian by choice not by compulsion. Whereas you are compelled by your taste buds to the extent of killing innocent beings.'  None of us are vegetarians by any compulsion from our bodily capabilities.

'Vegetarians are the smartest race who can figure out their is no need to hunt, fish or ride in vain.'

Visit a slaughterhouse lately...bring the kids...you should know where your meat comes from, just like the visits to the apple farm...

Yesterday whilst shopping I fancied a sandwich and cuppa... I ordered a cheese sandwich on brown bread. The waiter suggested a toasty. I thought yes that would be nice... It arrived and I couldn't believe how terrible it tasted. I have not eaten flesh for 5 years and have slowly lost 8 kilos, which will not come back. However I worked out my toasty had been put together on the griddle they use for burgers. I can tell you now that once you lose the taste for meat, regardless as to why, and something like this happens, you will feel sick from the dirty taste, let alone the fact that it was conceived in the oils and juices of a dead animal...
Just a warning for you...

yes you right, I been Vegan just 3 months and I found a Vegan product that looks like chicken but is not chicken, I try it and om, doestn taste but the texture and the feeling in the mouth was like chicken I cannot eat it I felt sick.


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