I'm from India where fake meats virtually don't exist (may be they do in some new restaurants). Usually, there's only vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Now I'm in the US and in almost all vegan/vegetarian restaurants (barring Indian veg restaurants), there is a lot of fake meat. 

Personally, I feel disgusted to see/eat fake meat. If I'm shunning meat, then why would I want to eat something that looks/tastes "like" meat?

When I pose this question to others, the usually say it gives newly turned vegans/vegetarians an easy way out to have foods they have been so used to, but with fake meat. While this seems true to an extent, I've also seen many long term vegans/vegetarians eating fake meat.

What do people here think about fake meat??

PS: hope I didn't offend anyone


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I have no problem with fake meat from a moral stand of view. Most meat dishes would not taste much without spice anyway, so to make food taste similar with spices if people likes the taste but does not want to eat dead animals, well that can only be great I think.  For example sausages does not come in the shape of sausages they are made that way so why would it be any more strange to make vegfood that way than to make meat that way? I find it similar. However my personal taste I do not enjoy the taste of meat so much but not from a moral perspective. I just do not find it that good. 

I agree with your point, why would I want to emulate animal flesh? Obviously though, from a cruelty standpoint they're better than meat but from a health standpoint, they're the lesser of two evils. A Plant based, whole food, mostly raw diet is what is best.

interesting! I also read somewhere that the Amazon rain forests are being cut for the soy used in fake meats and tofu. this posts an environmental hazard

I wouldn't be surprised. Any time you eat processed food, you're pretty much entrusting your ethics to complete strangers.

Agree on this point, many vegetarians and vegans are both against cruelty and pro environment protection. But replacing meat with substitutes such as soy seems to be counterproductive : destruction of wild life habitat and rain forests or any other wild environment.

Besides, I haven't done thorough research but quick research does not bring up clinical trials and medical reports on the hormonal impact of soy. Limbo. We have no clue wether it does impact hormone balance/imbalance, we only have "hearsay" and papers with no serious references. If there is one such publication anywhere, how come it is not easily available over the net ?

Japanese and other asian cultures which consume tofu or similar soy product only do so in small quantities, unlike western vegans who over do it a bit.

I try to avoid Soy products anyway because of the GMO issue. 

you can buy GMO free soy products, I also check my soy milk products and they are all gmo free, only they are more expensive

I'm living in Cyprus and they've stopped selling the non GMO soy milk unfortunately.  I've moved on to Almond milk which is very nice although no good for making mayo with.


do you have oat milk near you? that's even better than almond milk

I love oat milk!! Lol the pacific brand is really good and it doesnt come sweetened bc its naturally sweet and creamy. No careegean (however you spell it) or anything. It's really the best non-dairy milk btw soy, almond, coconut, rice and flax milk (those are the ones I've tried lol)

more rain forrest is cut down because of cattle though. I do like fake meat because I can eat traditional dishes without "missing out" on anything. You can make some of this stuff yourself too, you don't actually have to buy processed food, I'm sure good vegetarian restaurants make their own fake meat.

I do not eat soy, tofu, tempeh etc because I eat whole foods,not processed garbage. I think it defeats the point of a healthy lifestyle[although no cruelty to animals,obviously].


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