I'm from India where fake meats virtually don't exist (may be they do in some new restaurants). Usually, there's only vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Now I'm in the US and in almost all vegan/vegetarian restaurants (barring Indian veg restaurants), there is a lot of fake meat. 

Personally, I feel disgusted to see/eat fake meat. If I'm shunning meat, then why would I want to eat something that looks/tastes "like" meat?

When I pose this question to others, the usually say it gives newly turned vegans/vegetarians an easy way out to have foods they have been so used to, but with fake meat. While this seems true to an extent, I've also seen many long term vegans/vegetarians eating fake meat.

What do people here think about fake meat??

PS: hope I didn't offend anyone


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Fake meat is always better than the alternative, but maybe you should try looking at it from a different perspective?

I've been a vegetarian for 30+ years (recently turned vegan) & I use to think the same as you, however,  this week I tried my first veggie sausage ever! Not because I missed meat but because my husband asked if I could find some new recipes for dinner so I thought why not give them a try...

After all, when all is said & done, it's just another way of preparing/cooking vegetables & pulses right. I was hesitant at first because as a child I didn't like the taste, texture or idea of eating meat but as so many people have stated fake meat doesn't taste like real thing anyway, I thought why not give it a try. And, you know what, they were right, it doesn't taste like meat & it wasn't that bad.

That said, I'm not a fan of precessed foods & soy has its own drawbacks so I would only eat it occasionally.

Tofu/soybeans and corn inhibits the function of your thyroid to absorb iodione. I only found this out after attending a lecture given by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren about low thyroid function which I have been recently diagnosed with and choose to treat it naturally.

He also said that gluten may affect some in thyroid function.

Also mentioned that any toasted/roasted nut/seeds or butters you buy is probably rancid and cause free radical damage, better off just buying raw nuts.

I eat natural whole foods as well, nothing from a can or processed.

I eat vegan burgers I eat them because I love the taste of meat. I didn't become a veg cause taste was for health and moral issues with meat consumption. That. Being said I limit myself to the burger patties and steer clear from most everything else

i agree Jesse. I LOVED meat. but, i went vegan for ethical reasons.

I use fake meat sometimes when cooking for non-veg family and friends.  I have made spaghettie bolognese and paella which everyone enjoyed and I was able to announce after the meal that we had not eaten any animals!  Very handy when you'd like people to see that animal flesh is not required in our diet. :)  I've also found it useful when going to a bring-your- own barbeque where most others are bringing/eating meat.  As long as there are no dead animals in it, it's ok by me!

The funny thing is the vegi burgers actualy taste better than beef ones I look foward to making them
I know great fake meat restaurants in the Seattle area. Looks and almost taste like the "real thing". If you want to take "meat eaters" to places, you can take them to these "fake" meat places. You being vegan/vegetarian can enjoy everything on the menu and show others how good food can taste without meat.

I don't enjoy it. A lot of it is made from soy and it doesn't agree with my body.. 


Meats texture, flavour and look are altered greatly by butchers/cooks.

Not too mention there is no cruelty in vegan fake meats so there's is absolutely no reason to feel disgusted 


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