I've been wondering vegetarian and vegan opinions on this:

I am vegetarian, and have been now over 4 years.  I will always be vegetarian and am slowly making the transition to vegan (drink almond milk, and don't eat eggs - only have them in cakes, don't use down/feather items, avoid wool at all, avoid things like honey, etc).  I'll get there eventually.  I tried and made it a month before I cracked.  Took me 3 times to be vegetarian so I'm not giving up.  I know its a matter of adapting.

I absolutely love our State Fair.

I realize that farm life is typically cruel (99%), and even if it is not still leads to the same end result - death.

However, at least to get prizes and such their animals have to be in pristine condition and feel that these are glimpses of the more humane than others. **NOTE** Not that I agree with it.

My thoughts on it:

It serves as a reminder to me on why I do what I do - and why I want to do even more for them by being vegan some day.

My children (28mos and 13mos) can see them throughout their life and actually have a connection to them to want to continue to be vegetarian as they age and make their own lifestyle decisions.  It can be a lot easier to try a steak or some bacon if you are curious and don't know where it really came from, who suffered for it, and what it really is - a carcass.

I also try to send vibes.  I spend most of my time with the animals - as much as I can, especially the pigs.  When I pet them, I try to send sympathy and love to them.  I feel that they pick up on it and even in a brief moment feel comfort from an understanding friend.

So, I was curious to know what others thought on State Fairs and such.

When I was younger I used to go to The Sport Show.  I actually vowed this year that it was my last time going.  It was always just a tradition and I turned my eyes from most of the booths.  But I see that by going I am boosting attendance to an event circled around fishing and hunting.  Last time I went - I was looking for vacation destinations for a honeymoon (which we didn't really get anyway), and like I sad, tradition.

I feel that with the State Fair it shows our "State" and farming happens to be apart of it.  And again, the animals cannot be infected, infested, injured, and other conditions.  I'm sure they still have inhumane things that go on and again leading to death.  Or they only keep a select few in mint condition and others they don't bring aren't.

**Side Note**  I have a tradition there that I follow now - I kiss one horses nose.  ^.^ 

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