Is it good to consume organic soy milk? Making sure is actually GMO free. I know all the problems that non fermented soy could produce, but I'm not sure if organic soybean is dangerous too. Some websites affirm soybean is 'naturally' toxic...
Thank you in advance!

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Im not too well informed on this, but I do know it does something to the estrogen levels. Increases the kevels I believe. Women I know who have battled breast cancer have been strongly warned against soy products. Not to scare anybody. Like I said I am no expert, but that may be an angle to look into more. Im going to use it anyway because if I cut out many more foods, I will be starving to death. And THAT is a definate medical fact, lol.

Yes, but in my case, I've had hormonal problems and I need to make sure that the organic soy I'm drinking is okay or not. Maybe drink occasionally, you think? Or flatly avoid any soy derivative.
Hahaha, that's true :).

Yea I think Dara is correct on this one. BUT I also believe that going organic is best. That way you are avoiding a lot of BS. It's so good though :P And i'm sure there are healthy aspects! 

It should be, but if people who said soybea is naturally toxic, I think we must be careful with its consumption. That's the problem...
Of course it has benefits :).

there are many different options if you don't feel comfortable drinking soy milk. My fav is rice milk, but I also love almond milk. 

Yes, I drink almond milk and oat milk sometimes, but I wanted to know the truth about soybean, even if it's organic :).

I want to know too and it was not clear for me.. Is it good or bad and how do you know which to buy? there are many different opinions.. I've been switchin between almond and soy but now they tell me its best yo avoid almond milk too.. so now I dont know what to buy or if I should

i try to avoid soy when ever i can, its already used in so many things, i prefer rice, almond or hemp milk

Do you think is the best option? I consume soy sauce too, but I know it's not sooo healthy. Also the great soy lecithin, of course! :D

well i like hemp milk the best, seems to have the most nutirtion, but more costly, i usually use rice milk, cause its usually cheaper, but if you already consume alot of rice, maybe not the best? same with almond milk if you consume alot of nuts, probably best not to use almond, i usually get almond milk when its cheaper than rice milk, cause i consume lots of nuts in my diet. bet ye soy lechithin is great from what i understand, i usually get mine from chocolate.

Soy is good for you. In fact if you eat the right kind it can help prevent cancer. always make sure that any soy product is made from the whole soybean and make sure its gmo free.

Thank you both. I'll try to equate my consumption of soy milk with other milks :).


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