So recently I  have been left out of a couple potlucks and work "get togethers" and i know its because of my vegeterian lifestyle.

How do i know this? They always order BBQ or meat crap so they either leave me out and dont invite me or invite me but just sort say..:oh but theres meat involved."

And its actually reached the point were I have caught them talking about me like if I were something to gossip about. Some of them dont  mind but others find the need to constantly put me down or discuss my lifestyle. I could honestly careless about what they say but its effecting my work now.
Ive ignored it for a while but its honestly getting old. So i became confrontational and now its been not a passive agressive person. Im rather blunt

Has anyone else ever experinced this? I mean I dont care about being left out but its getting a little personal......any advice?

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Jacqueline this happens....our lifestyle is against most of our friends ...they are going to talk lot negative about us...this gas happened to me quite a few my friends left me because of this....but I am Sure this lifestyle is good for me N rest living being on this earth..Be Proud  ..come what may... Stick to Be Veg...

Hey Jacqueline, I've endured this, especially within the first few months of switching. Got left out a lot, and it hurts. I've also had wonderful friends who have made plans to take me to vegan restaurants, which wasn't necessary, but it was so nice. That it is hurting your work life, that's unacceptable! It really makes me so mad, just hearing your story. If your personal diet is gossip for them I feel a great swell of pity for their lives.

Work usually sucked in regards to my diet. Work usually rewarded their employees with food like pizza and pot lucks and so I always was left out. People usually were mostly respectful about my diet but I was ALWAYS secluded from all the other enjoyables at work.

Coworkers at my place are similar. They order out almost daily and I don't care to put that stuff in my body. They now do the same where they don't ask or invite me to sit with them. I really don't mind, but it really has separated me from the group. It's too bad!

Thanks for everybody's support. What this has made me realize is that this lifestyle is not for everybody. I shouldnt expect everyone to understand or agree with it. I should also not be force such beleifs on the people that do not understand it because, in turn that is how we are treated. I will never consider going back to consuming flesh for anybody. With that said I will find strength in my choices and hopefully this will help me reflect it in my personality. IF i should feel compasion about not consuming an animal life than I should also be compasionate about human life. 

Oh that is sad your work friends are making you feel that way! Im pretty blunt to so ive bever really had any problem although when I go out for group meals the meat makes me want to hurl lol! Chin up and remember why you choose to be vegetarian x

perhaps im a evil vegetarian but i always sample other peoples food in events like this, so i dont come off as a prude, i feel that my openess will open their openess. its a hard war that we are outnumbered at and the rules are not in our favor. also perhaps if you invited another cool vegetarian friend =] hin hint wink wink. they would be like damn veganism maybe the chit. =]

as far as the gossip join the ridiculous world we live in when good deeds are the gossip of others poor behaviour, however like in my case the criticism/gossip lifts my chest and head even higher as i try to be even better person for the comfort of others around me. its been working for me so far but it is nice to just relax once in awhile and not worry about others perceptions

Love it John...

I am proud of everyone on this site who holds their head up and stands for what they believe and walks the walk! Dont worry about others perseptions because you live your OWN life and as a caring person ...YOU are in touch with reality refusing to turn a blind eye to needless murder of animals. Good for you!!


"Dont let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace"

i concur it makes me happier than i am happier, smarter, independent and better than those that huddle in their little groups and gossip... even tho its not nice, i use it to make me a better person and i think it reflects. smile and be happy and you will prevail, and can all of you add me =]

Don't let them get to you. They sound like bullies to me. You can't help that they are close-minded. At social things I usually let people know that I can bring my own sandwich or eat before I get there.


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