I'm with a guy who's not a vegetarian. I always thought that he wasn't that into meat and didn't have anything against me being vegan. But today he said something like 'you're pretty alone with your opinion' (meaning that nearly noone shared my opinion on the topic of veganism) I tried to convince him that there are many more like me and we ended up discussing the whole topic, he said it just wasn't natural to be vegetarian / vegan and we nearly ended up having a fight about it.

So I want to know: How do people react to your being vegetarian / vegan? Have you ever encountered a similar situation? And how do you react?

Thanks in advance!

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I started dating my current girlfriend before she was vegetarian, and a year later she made the change, and then eventually went vegan, and I followed her.

Ofcourse, many others do not end up so lucky. If he cannot support you, and wont let you be vegan in peace, he isn't worth your time. But I believe you shouldn't push him either.

I was a vegetarian from a long time but never used to make faces wen my colleagues or friends used to hv it wen we were havin lunch together (although I cnt stand its smell) but I used to respect wateva they eat as its der (choice).But der r peopl who cn be rude like this colleague of mine.She is like how can u leave wthout meat and u gonna be sick soon I told her I never questioned ur eating lifestyle y should u question mine?so even non veggies kinda offend u by tryin to impose der belief and vegan is kind of new terminology in India many people havnt heard of it so they think tat am Mad but I dnt gv a damn

better to be crazy than wrong

It's important that he respect your choice.

I don't try to push my lifestyle on others, and it is more often other people who talk about diet, rather than me.  I just eat what I eat and bring food along with me just in case I can't find any.  I don't approve of factory farming and the cruelty that goes with it.  Some people get annoyed with my boundaries. ( I also eat gluten free and sugar free, so it is a strict diet), but I am healthy and happy that I enjoy vegetables, fruits and nuts!  I'm 59, agile and of normal weight and can do a lot more than some younger people, so Life is Good.  When asked how do you get your protein, I say we need a lot less than most people think.  If you read The China Study, you will get it.

I am 21 and have been a vegetarian my whole life, but just in the past year have adopted veganism to heart. I have always been criticized but then again I live in Alabama! I only no two vegan's: my girlfriend and my dad. To be honest for me it has never been an issue since I realize how right I am and how wrong eating meat and dairy is. What works for me is standing strong and enjoying nature, since only as a vegan can you truly see the beauty of the deer, squirrels, bears, etc. that live in the woods.

Furthermore, I would never be with somebody who was unwilling to see the logic behind being vegan.

Congrats on going vegan :)!

half of my friends are people who eat meat. they, at first also wondered why i dont eat meat. i basically told them that it is my belief that being a vegetarian is a healthy option. i also told them, that if they have to go on a diet, would they include meat in that diet or just have all veges, they mostly reply, have all veges for the diet as its more healthy. and i of course reply them, "exactly". thou that is not the reason and my belief that i dont eat meat. i grew up being a vegetarian. my thoughts is that it is a healthy lifestyle, it is clean and it cost no life to obtain.

i also grew up on my basis of my own belief that "To live life, without the need to take life. By birth, by choice, by belief, and by life. To live healthy and strong, long and prosper.". that is my belief, and i will never stray from it.

i believe (just my thought since i never ate meat before) that those that eat meat, mainly eats it because of its taste and smell, because of the "protein" that you get from it. i have also asked some of them, "where do you get your "energy" from??", and they reply, "from the animals meat, of course,". and i replied them, "then where did these animal get their energy from hmm?", i continued, "they got their source of energy from the grass and vegetation of the surrounding environment that they live in. and that is also one of the reason why i am vegetarian. you can get your energy from the veges, why get it from the animal meats?".

if you also know of biology, they also have this energy food chain of a sort. where it explains that the ones at the start always get the most energy, and as they get eaten and eaten by the predator, the energy from the first organism decreases by 10% for every cycle one organism eats another, thus the energy will keep decreasing till there is not a lot left. for those that eat meat, they will get 10% less energy then us vegetarians. we eat the veges thus we get 90% of the energy. those that eat meat will get 80% of the energy as they have to eat the animal(who got the 90% energy as they ate the veges first). 

sorry, this may sound confusing and all, but its my way of dealing with people who eat meat. it may sound confusing but theres alot of science in there they can back you up.

My friends always want to force me to eat meat and if I don't they get upset sometimes. Idon't unterstand that reaction because I don't get upset when they are eating meat.

I am going to be brutally honest with you... these people are not called "friends". Never consider such people your friends.

People I know are pretty accommodating, some are curious, and a few have been influenced by me to move towards a plant-based diet. 

Of course I do have that one Facebook friend that I had to unfriend yesterday because she wants to start a brawl with me every time I post or share anything vegan. 

I hear it on a daily basis. Vegetarians/vegans are misunderstood. It humors me how narrow minded some people are. My friends, or so called, try to get me to eat meat a lot. They think that the body cannot survive without meat. I just laugh most of the time


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