I'm with a guy who's not a vegetarian. I always thought that he wasn't that into meat and didn't have anything against me being vegan. But today he said something like 'you're pretty alone with your opinion' (meaning that nearly noone shared my opinion on the topic of veganism) I tried to convince him that there are many more like me and we ended up discussing the whole topic, he said it just wasn't natural to be vegetarian / vegan and we nearly ended up having a fight about it.

So I want to know: How do people react to your being vegetarian / vegan? Have you ever encountered a similar situation? And how do you react?

Thanks in advance!

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People reacts according to their ideal or mentality about vegetarianism. Some are simple minded while some are not.. It always happen to me everyday at work. At some point the conversation would lead to how a girl would like me because I'm a vegetarian while she is not which I find it too personal but they are my friends so I just simply don't take it too serious although it is offensive. So I would just reply that I wanted to practice non- violence and there is really no need to kill animals in order to feed. Somehow if only we could let other people understand they waste so much time killing/ hunting animals whereas the fruit of the plants or other tree products are just there abundant for us to eat. Yet many takes pride in animal slaughter and they call it fun..

Some of my family, my more estranged family, were very critical about my choice. It was obvious they felt that it was ME judging THEM though, especially my fat uncle who I talk about a lot of the time on here, haha. So I don't get so mad about it, they're childish and if that's what it takes to somehow defend their unhealthy eating choices, whatevs. My closer family- they will tease me about it, and sometimes debate me about it, but overall are pretty respectful. My parents especially never questioned my reasons for why, or asked me to switch back.

My friends were all again, very respectful, until I began posting vegan stuff on my Facebook. Especially nutrition information (from my classes) which explained how bad certain foods were, and the people who ate them weren't happy with that and began attacking my diet. So again, really just coming from a place of insecurity. They know they aren't making the best choices, but they don't want to stop, so they will defend it instead. Takes a brave person to be honest about their bad choices.

But as to what your boyfriend said, that's ridiculous. He should be more supportive than that, what a judgement to make... so if he thinks you're all alone in your views, that you should change them? Conform? Fit in? Yes, let's all just believe what is popular! At one time the Holocaust of the Jews was a pretty popular idea in Germany, thank God for the few who did stand out and against it... just because something evil is widely accepted, that does not mean we should feel compelled to join in. We should fight even harder against it. Also vegetarianism in the US (not sure if you're from the US just assuming) is on the rise, and meat consumption is down. In the future, we will be less and less alone :)! As for it being "natural" it completely is. People all over in 3rd world countries are vegetarians, some just because it's their only option. In the old days, meat was consumed far less often, because you couldn't routinely slaughter your farm animals, but kept them alive for their dairy/eggs/etc. 

We are omnivores, meaning we can digest both meat and vegetables. We can live without meat, we CAN'T live without vegetables. Not very long, anyways. Notice how a doctor never tells you, "Go easy on the vegetables." No. It's always "Go easy on the meat, eat it sparingly, eat the lean choices, eat this amount every week-". Notice also how lions and other natural predators do NOT get heart attacks from consuming all that cholesterol? Hmmm :)

Excellent reply!


I really like your response! Especially what you said about trying to fit in and conform just because other people don't like what you are and what you want to stand for. Your example about the Holocaust is one that comes to my mind a lot when I think about this issue. Because it is true, the larger amount of people believing in one idea does not always represent the "right" thing to do or the best idea. I'm always trying to tell him (the guy I told you about) all these things, but he's just making jokes about it, which is just the way he is, but sometimes I wish him to take my ideals and my beliefs seriously. Thanks for your answer :)

Thank you :)! And no problem, it was my pleasure! It definitely springs to mind that event, what are we doing to animals if not another Holocaust. Mob mentality shouldn't rule. Good luck, and I hope that he considers what you say! 

I agree with this. People are defending meat because they feel guilty because they don't want to stop. A better approach could be to suggest cutting meat and dairy back to 10- to 20% of the total meal. It will be healthier and still get that occasional meat meal without feeling guilty about it.

All I can say is....hurt

I like to believe that being veggie is a matter of higher intelligence so whenever it comes to an conflict i just back off, smile and feel sorry for them. Easy! (not really)

Funny thing is, I sometimes think exactly the same when I get into a discussion with a meat-eater - and then I always tell myself that this is kind of smug and complacent.. But I can't change the way I feel about it :P

That's the best way ;)

yes !


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