I'm with a guy who's not a vegetarian. I always thought that he wasn't that into meat and didn't have anything against me being vegan. But today he said something like 'you're pretty alone with your opinion' (meaning that nearly noone shared my opinion on the topic of veganism) I tried to convince him that there are many more like me and we ended up discussing the whole topic, he said it just wasn't natural to be vegetarian / vegan and we nearly ended up having a fight about it.

So I want to know: How do people react to your being vegetarian / vegan? Have you ever encountered a similar situation? And how do you react?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm trying to be calm about it and I wouldn't want to start attacking him because of his choice of lifestyle, but I always feel myself getting aggressive when I have to argue with someone about this, especially if that person means a lot to me.. But you're absolutely right, we shouldn't let ourselves get carried away! I'm actually worrying if this will be causing more fights between the two of us. I hope it won't

i had a gf before she thought of me being a vegetarian won't bring her any happiness although i never tried to force her i just can't eat what she eats.. so eventually she left me but then i didn't stop from being a vegetarian despite the person i loved is gone.. this is what i have so i'll hold on to it.. we may have different principles in life but this is one of those principles that is worth holding on besides what is wrong about vegetarianism.. if we can see all of us wants to love and be loved why then start with simple actions.. let vegetarianism be a stepping stone for love.

couldn't agree more. people react with anger when they feel attacked or judged, and our choice might have that "side-effect".

Generally speaking, people dont say anything but sometimes i do encounter with people who ask me ohh, why dont you eat??..I respond with instead you should ask why should you eat??. But no one till now looked me down on my face, even they do i dont give a damn or i reciprocate it back.

I've always had the same problem with my ex who's from the Midwest himself. At first I use to make excuses well he was raised differently and that's probably why he's always giving me crap about being veg but as time went by he continue to criticize and continued challenging my beliefs and would tell me the exact same thing "well its just not natural" I finally realize if he can't respect my beliefs than he is not worth it at all. :)

Hi Jane Im sorry you are having issues with fam,I think we all have the same problem at some point,for me its my hubby and his side of the fam(Im vegetarian)And for over 2 years they still feel Im weird  lol thats okay I dont think I will ever change their minds or that they will ever understand why I have learned as others have spoken getting angry or trying to get across my point wont work.They are 2 grounded in how they believe.I get the little puns and get made fun of but have learned to not let it get to me.They are not understanding because of ignorance,and they feel its unnatural.Thats because they are so brainwashed to the fact that meat is what EVERYONE has to have.I dont think we will every find a place in our lifes that peaple will completely understand,so we stay strong and keep going forward,I dont argue I dont push if it starts to get heated I step away and avoid any further argument.My hubby also doesnt understand,I dont think he ever will so we are together but not together and thats okay we dont always  have the same veiws after 30 some years we never have and we have lasted this long.He gets cute sometimes but I can come back with  a few of my own lol.His mother is the worst and I avoid her as much as I can the holidays Im all alone when we have meals together (my eldest daughter is vegetarian also)so I just fix enough for the two of us during the holidays.We have to listen to the remarks at times but Im at the age now who cares and go back to doing what I was doing.Its not worth it.It will get better you wont get threw to everyone you cross paths with but you will learn to let it all roll off youre back and  how to stand firm in what you believe and when to step away from arguing.And you will cross paths with peaple who will listen.

hey.my fiance is not vegan as i am,but he told me that he admires me and fully respects what i think,eat(not eat :-)) and he supports me fully.i think all vegans vegetarians should be just happy with themselves.and what i have experienced about meat eaters is that u cannot change people really.so my point is that no vegan/vegetarian should bother about what other ppl say.be happy cos of what u are. :-):-)

Humans have conscience, mind, wisdome to find life, God gave humans wisdom and love for salvation of soul. Every living creature feels and wants to live like humans. To take away given aright is the crime against everylife, people must learn how to be the children of light. Eating  flesh of animals change emotions, you make your body body of killing and abomination, not peace and love, from which material is house made it will serve to get that material, again. In Physics what material is cleaner it can transfer more informations. So every religion is seeking peace, but killing for food isn't peace it's death seal to us... So your boyfriend could only admire but admire or respect isn't enough, it must Deeds, not only Words.....That is real peace when you say I'm seeking for peace, and you do it not killing in any way.....

Be wary of people who try to put you down with comments. He should be trying to support you in your life choices. Not make you feel isolated and bad about yourself. Shame on him, he should realise he is lucky to have someone who has compassion for the many other creatures we share the world with.

^^ Yes, yes YES. Be VERY wary of people who feel this need! Good point. Whether it's a meat eater condemning a vegetarian, or a vegetarian condemning a vegan, there's plenty going around and you can usually pinpoint why.

Most people react to my vegetarianism with judgement. They always have that judging 'why' question, and usually follow it up with something about 'I could never do that, I like to eat meat to much.' I feel bad for them. Most people have no idea where their food comes from, meat or otherwise. My husband and daughter eat meat still, but their views have changed over the last 3 years since I became vegetarian. I insist that if they are going to eat meat, that we buy humane. I feel it's the least that I can do. I am planning to go vegan soon, and my husband meets me with fear. Things like 'we will never be able to go out to eat, you won't be able to attend social gatherings, etc.' I tell him that I will make it work, but he is skeptical. When people ask why I am vegetarian, I try to explain why, but they stop listening shortly after I begin talking in my opinion. It doesn't really bother me that much anymore though. I am proud of my decision and strong in my convictions, and I know that people are afraid of what they don't understand. I do take every opportunity I get to educate people, but most of they time I am met with resistance or the 'I don't want to know what happens to my food before I eat it.' It's ridiculous to me, but it's the world we live in. 

wow that seems kind of douchey. Most people are pretty kind about my veganism but I've known people who purposely or unwittingly alienate me because of it..... I don't usually get along with those people though.


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