I'm with a guy who's not a vegetarian. I always thought that he wasn't that into meat and didn't have anything against me being vegan. But today he said something like 'you're pretty alone with your opinion' (meaning that nearly noone shared my opinion on the topic of veganism) I tried to convince him that there are many more like me and we ended up discussing the whole topic, he said it just wasn't natural to be vegetarian / vegan and we nearly ended up having a fight about it.

So I want to know: How do people react to your being vegetarian / vegan? Have you ever encountered a similar situation? And how do you react?

Thanks in advance!

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I face a daily struggle with my family and friends who tell me constantly how they cannot understand "how l can be bothered" to be vegan. I feel like screaming!
How can they be so detached from the cruelty all around us.
Because they choose not to see, the carcasses in the shops as sentient beings body parts, but view them as a tasty meal.
That to me is not "normal" its insane.!!!

Yes, it's true, but they will see they are making wrong, maybe after they have pain. Maybe some they die before change vegetarian. We should give the example. We don't need to eat animals or explore them, but the proud of changing and accept we are right it's difficult. Some people kill people. It's not easy to change this world, because they born like this, making mistakes with out question if it was correct. To be vegetarian people need to have superior mind.

ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! I don't understand how and why they can ignore the fact and still keep telling  to themselves and others that these animals are meant to be eaten. This is exactly why i can't understand why they are not vegan then given the fact that, we do not need to consume meat to live healthy. But people choose to ignore it. How can they close their eyes and ears? how can they ignore after hearing the screaming and crying of the animals being tortured to death and then eat their corpse. How insane is human being.

Me to. It's hard. I hope he changes.

People reacted differently and it's really based upon their perceived "truth" about what is a vegetarian and veg@n.

I had people think that I am now exceeded human realm (somehow becoming a mysterious creature) and no longer need to eat. You know just need a bit of water and sunlight and I'll survive just fine. Others can't believe that I can exercise and look so healthy with clear skin, shiny hair, and bright eyes. It's usually quite interesting that they ask me why I haven't become a skeleton and look so healthy and alive. I usually respond to them with smiles.

Sometimes people will be put off that I no longer eat meat and need to compromise on which restaurant to go to and become frustrated. I usually just go to whichever restaurants they are going and just order my meal, but keeping it veg@n. It does take a bit of time and I do try to get to know the managers or chefs, so that I could order more variety than what the menu has to offer. Also the perk is that the meat-eating people feel less intimidated that you can still socialise with them in a setting they are more comfortable with.

Hi Jane:) Did he actually use the word natural? Natural carnivores run after live animals, catch them, tear into their  flesh, drink their blood and eat their bones...

"You need meat" is the most common reaction.
My bf also eats meat and he always said I was obsessive, it was extreme. One time I tried to show him the documentary "forks vs knifes" and he got bored. It's kind of annoying but slowly he is getting interested.

I think the worse you can do to convince someone is talk about ethics. Humans are selfish so talk about health issues to persuade them.

I always, in fact i can't be bother to response anymore but just with a smiling face and say 'it's my choice'. In fact, it's tiring to answer the same question every time when you are having meals with these people till i choose not to join then. Instead of asking other people why choose 'spicy favorite', 'medium raw steak', pasta with extra cheese, they will definitely ask 'why you are vegetarian or vegan. I used to answer 'why not', but not i will just reply with smiling face. I think if there's no connection, then there's no connection in the communication. So, why bothering to prove or argue. This is not fun at all, just like i don't understand why they are not, given that they know the fact how those meat was produced. I guess this is a never ended 'argue' or conversation to these people. It's good if you are patient to explain to them. If not, it's just a wasting of time for me then. 

I find most people are generally supportive of my being a vegán, however when i eat at restraunts or sometimes order out i get looked at like im a freak or talked about by some people due to my beliefs, others like my besties are tottzz supportive but sometimes tease me in a fun way to mess around with me Haha :) in short i choose to let others talk about me AkA, i am of course talking about everyone who thinks I'm a freak or want attention for being vegan. I try to remain strong and show them I'm right and lead by example and if they hate me or treat me differently, its on them. I take pity on them for their lack of insight. In the end we cant expect everyone to support or like us, all we can do is let those few people say what they will and do what they will, whilst we continue to follow our own beliefs proudly. :)


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