Someone needs to make a gardening group!

Anyways, if you own your own garden, what would your advice be to someone who wants to start? What vegetables are easiest to grow and harvest, what variety to you keep to stay happy?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the broad question :)

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the key is to keep the hedges trimmed

Lol :)

You know, I've been thinking exactly the same thing for the past few days :) I'll get one started.

There are some really easy plants you can grow for an almost guaranteed harvest. The main limiting factor is the space which you have available although, even if you have a relatively small garden, you can actually grow quite a lot. Especially if you make use of vertical space (i.e. walls, balconies, fences, etc) and have some windowsills.

The best advice is to grow what you enjoy eating I suppose, or types of veg/fruit/salad that are usually expensive to purchase. In terms of finding out about different varieties or planting instructions the internet is (obviously) a great resource. Joining a gardening forum is a good way to have your questions answered and to learn from others (if possible join a local gardening forum). Alternatively, other local growers if you know them or gardening/allotment clubs are handy to know. 

Easy plants to grow include lettuces and other salad leaves, potatoes, broad beans, beetroot, many herbs, onions, garlic... Loads really :)

In terms of what I grow to keep happy... Hard to chose really as I love growing and eating my own veg full stop. I'd probably opt for salad related produce as, by growing my own, I'm able to make really tasty salads with unusual flavours (mustard leaves, carrot tops, various flowers...). However, you really cannot beat home grown spuds! Not only do they taste much better than store-bought, there's something magical about digging them up :D

Glad to hear :) About to go join it right now.

And thank you, for this wonderful advice. Very helpful, I can't wait to join your group and ask some questions :)! I'm an onion girl so I need to be growing some onions haha. And I'd like to bake my own bread that would be sweet.

Group made. I'll spend some time tonight padding it out a little (at work at the mo... =/).

Veggie Growers

I started trying to make use of my decent sized garden at the back-end of last summer but started trying to grow things too late to reap any fruits. This month I've planted broccoli, tomato, carrot, rocket and kale . The broccoli and carrot seeds went down first and the broccoli is coming along nicely and it's time to take it out of it's trays and plant it in the ground :-)

I wanted to plant things that were nutritious and fairly hardy/easy to grow, because I'll probably only tend to them 2 or 3 times a week. Kale definitely fits this description as once it starts growing it's supposed to be very hardy. The tomato seeds I planted last year grew quite well and nearly gave me some toms but I was just a few weeks late in planting them and didn't show them much love, so hopefully this year will be better.

Those are some great choices. I've been meaning to incorporate kale into my diet, I suppose growing it would be the absolute best way to do this. And it's hardy, hm? That's good to know, I'm a beginner so I won't kill it as easily. I've actually had a bamboo plant that died. I suck. LOL ;)

Home grown kale is amazing stuff!

Aye, timing is everything in gardening. This delayed spring we've had has made things slightly complicated but hopefully we'll have a decent summer to make up for it. How're your carrots doing? I've not had a peep from mine at work although the ones we've planted at home are doing well...

Swiss/rainbow chard is dead easy to grow if you're looking for low maintenance. It's hardy enough to overwinter outside so it makes for an early spring crop too.

Hey, what are good things to grow in an exceedingly dry and hot climate? Lol. Besides cactus. Because it gets up to like 120 degrees here and I imagine that could seriously harm some plants.

^^ Thank you times a million, lovely!

No signs of life from my carrots either. The seeds have been down for long enough and the weather has been ok over the last couple of weeks so I'm not too confident for them.

Thanks for the chard tip! I don't think I've come across it before but I'll have to get my hands on some, seems to be pretty nutritious.


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