Someone needs to make a gardening group!

Anyways, if you own your own garden, what would your advice be to someone who wants to start? What vegetables are easiest to grow and harvest, what variety to you keep to stay happy?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the broad question :)

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was thinking on this and i think wind chimes would be great for plants, however i dont find the sound pleasing. maybe clay or wood chimes would be best for the plants and myself?

Wow thank you Will :) Some amazing advice, of course xo I'll have to see about the soil, or ask the mother unit, she'll know! Going to have to copy this down for later xo

I'm just having issues keeping Bob the dragon tree, Rose the mini rose bush and poor Matilda (I don't what she is, mother in law gave it to us) alive!  Just those three are pushing it trusting me with their lives lol!

LOL! I had a bamboo plant named Stanley, you are kind of super awesome naming your plants haha. But Stanley died :( And I'm wondering if I can't keep bamboo alive if I shouldn't just give up the idea of gardening altogether haha

as you were describing your area is hot, cactus is great, napal the leaf of a cactus is cookable and the cactus also grows a fruit, the cactus and fruit have pokey spines so this makes it difficult to deal with, but a strong man would mind getting the spines cleared so you could enjoy a delicious fruit

I'm a strong independent woman who don't need no man to harvest my cactus


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