What are your views on meat and vegetarian pet food? What type do you buy? I know that cats are natural meat eaters and I hear dogs aren't. Can you expect a meat free world if our pets need it? Anyhow whats your views and what products do you buy and recommend? 
(I have two cats and a dog all meat eaters)

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Actually some members on here say they feed their kitties all vegan food, and they're alive and well. Cats might not be obligate carnivores. I know when I adopt puppies I am going to have them be vegan, all home cooked food :) I personally wouldn't own a pet which WAS an obligate carnivore, so that I would not be obligated to buy them meat. Puzzle solved!

I know that there is vegan cat foot but youd need to look into it more than if you had a dog. My sister said to me that to not let your dog eat meat is cruel which is utter nonsense. Thanks for the reply.

No problemo :)

This site is looks good, I was considering feeding my cat Vegan food but my mother will not let me. 



Thanks for the links. Cats do love meat though, especially chicken. 

Maybe when you move out with your baby in the future you can gear the kitty to a vegan diet :) I wish you luck xo

my baby?

This was a reply to Sasha, not you. I was referencing her kitty :)!


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