So I have a vegetarian friend who states they will order a non-vegetarian meal and pick the meat out if no vegetarian option is available and to me this seems so wrong and is something I personally would not do because there could still be bits of meat or even the fats and juices of meat still in the meal.

I asked a few more of my vegetarian friends and it seems quite a lot of them do this too.
I want to know other peoples opinions on this? Would you ever pick the meat off or out of something or just avoid it and find something else? 

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Wow, For me that is supporting the people that cause the cruelty in the first place. Also throwing out the meat after the animals has sacrifice to these people is disrespectful. I mean no disrespect, yet, these people are not true Vegetarians they are just posers. No one that knows what a animal goes throw would buy the meat and then throw it away. It is wrong and I hope you do not do as your friends. 

I have done this once or twice in the past but I would have to agree with the general responses on this one. If you purchase an item containing meat there is the residual greases and fats to consider through out the dish. Also, you are (perhaps unintentionally) contributing to the inhuman processes of the factory farmed animals that are distributed. Basically, if my money does not go toward funding this principle, than it's safe for me. I do not drink milk but I do consume eggs and yogurt. As I grow in my knowledge and understanding of supplementing correctly I would love to eliminate these as well. Great topic!


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