god..i really dislike that meat eaters HAVE to fall back on that one when they have lost the battle. 

yes plants are living things. yes. we do kill them. BUT what makes us so different is that we do not have to drag a mother carrot away from it's baby to be killed. we do not have to take a carrot's milk to feed our own children.

we do not have video clips of carrots being abused , killed while still alive and kicking. 

oh but wait..we do feed our vegetables to third world countries while you sit and eat your big whooper that you got the other day. 

I have yet to see a carrot scream in pain from  being sliced on a cutting board. I haven't had to deal with tons of blood and the mess and filth that comes with killing animals..

no ..not at all.

I really wish meat eaters would think before speaking. 

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plants have no nervous system... no they cannot feel pain.. 

Corpse-eaters don't even have compassion on animated creatures so they are not qualified at all to relate living-plants. Their talks mean nothing but hypocrisy.

As common sense, not only animals and plants are living beings, but even universes, suns, planets, mountains, rocks, beads of sand, tiny particles of dust, minerals, cells, atoms, ... all have lives too but not necessarily to have brain that reflexes sufferings like animals do.

That's a very common excuse corpse-eaters use to defend their disgusting maggot-like gluttony.


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