god..i really dislike that meat eaters HAVE to fall back on that one when they have lost the battle. 

yes plants are living things. yes. we do kill them. BUT what makes us so different is that we do not have to drag a mother carrot away from it's baby to be killed. we do not have to take a carrot's milk to feed our own children.

we do not have video clips of carrots being abused , killed while still alive and kicking. 

oh but wait..we do feed our vegetables to third world countries while you sit and eat your big whooper that you got the other day. 

I have yet to see a carrot scream in pain from  being sliced on a cutting board. I haven't had to deal with tons of blood and the mess and filth that comes with killing animals..

no ..not at all.

I really wish meat eaters would think before speaking. 

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My two answers to this:

1.  No central nervous system in plants (therefore no pain)

2.  Trophic levels.  Eating animals kills exponentially more plants.  This one is my favorite answer.

 love your point of view   and its very true .. xx

1...only  we , humans and  animals  got  central nerve system ..thts why we all have pain  ..

2.  more animals we breed  more plants to  use  and more  environmental damage ..

3  its not ethical   just like us , animals love to be around their  loved ones .  who are we  and what right we have to take their life ??    as  an advance civilized nation  its not right for us to take  away their rights , bcz we know in our hearts  what is right from wrong .  i am amazed   with all the knowledge we have , we still continue to hurt  innocent sentients for ages .. its like none stop nightmare for me .

love the post

I've had someone challenged me and say that maybe plants do feel. We just don't fully understand how it works yet and how plants can feel pain. It was ridiculous and I didn't know what to say at that point.

yes indeed a fall back position

its always this and always that. they go around saying plants are living things....then what about animals??? are they not living things too? the main difference is that they do NOT have a central nervous system (i'm science major at uni so yea), whilst animals do.

they become nutritional expert, health expert and experts on such craps when they don't even understand a single thing and act like they're know-it-all.

they tell us that they get their nutrients and proteins from meats and that being vegetarian/vegan doesn't help with getting the right amounts of nutrients. they don't know that animals get their nutrients and such from plants. they talk about veges nutrients being completely digested in the body. so where do the nutrients go? to the cells. that applies to plants too, they store all the nutrients in their cells, so why eat meat to get the nutrients when you can get it from the veges.

another fact would be the biological trophic levels (food chain energy) on the point of energy transfer. you eat plants, you would get approximately 90% of the energy that the plants produces into you. a animal eats the plant and then you eat the animal, you would get below 80% of that energy. (% wise, is only an example, as i don't really learn this in my major as this comes from my college days).

majority of the diseases nowadays comes from all the meats that the meat eaters eat, from the animals that they slaughter unconditionally. they call us "plant-murders" and say that we're stealing the animals food when they murder billions of lives daily to satisfy their taste buds. they say that if we don't eat the animals, it would over-populate the earth, then aren't we the ones over-populating it instead?

i agree with you, they need to think before they speak. the become pompous and know-it-all's, they become your professional nutritional experts and become delusional about everything. they never tried being a vegetarian, never tried to understand the basis of being a vegetarian, the pros of being a vegetarian, and the cons of being a meat eater. they become delusional and uptight, which is a reason why i hate it when all those people on facebook, social media and those who eat meat look down on us, and treat us like crap, laugh at us and mock us when they don't understand a single thing.

people can feel depressed when neglected =\

I believe, plants feel pain too, they want to survive and live longer but we CAN'T see their reaction. Its not like we or animals do. But however, eating a carrot is killing that plants. 

Please don't say being vegetarian is ALL about animals feeling and their pain? So Would you eat meat if they didn't feel pain? I don't believe and saying 'Plants have no feelings' is just a lie, just to make you have rights. 

But...plants really do not have feelings. They have no nervous system. In fact, plants WANT to be eaten. That's how a lot of them spread their seeds. It's why trees grow fruit.

I agree that plants feel pain too, it's true. But for anything to live, something else dies, it's just how life is. The idea is to do as little harm as possible. And, eating animals kills more even more plants. 

I'm a vegan and I eat largely a fruitarian diet, eating the parts of the plant that does not kill the plant.

I largely point those things out in that sort of argument. And the fact that my lifestyle not only allows me to survive, but to thrive, while doing the least amount of harm :)

Amen! It's such a poor comeback. I get it all. the. time. and all I can do is shake my head.

Personally I think that when people say this .. they are just to narrowminded and ignorant to see the truth that is on their plate.. People truly are distasteful ..


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