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Plants have life, but may not have feelings/senses.

Some people have done research and show that they may have feelings. I'm not sure how much those research are valid or accepted.

On the other hand, it is well known that animals have feelings.

Also, although plants have life, they are not destroyed (or "killed"). The vegetables/fruits/leaves are usually plucked without destroying the plants. And these fruits/vegetables/leaves grow back on the same plant. There are exceptions like root vegetables where the plant is also destroyed though.

One more point is plants don't have blood.

"The vegetables/fruits/leaves are usually plucked without destroying the plants. And these fruits/vegetables/leaves grow back on the same plant." 

People forget that. A LOT. Also we aren't eating trees so I think it's weird when people argue we are eating their shade? o.O

eating their shade!! hahaha

LOL right???? *Shakes head at people*

the new one are starving the animals by eating plants.. *rolls eyes* silly meat eaters. 

Um regeneration can't be used as an argument, gecko tails can be plucked out without destroying them, and they grow up again. It's the lack of a nervous system that's the thing, but people who say about plant feelings are not being serious anyway.

I think central nervous system is also not the most convincing argument.

Insects do not have a central nervous system (although they have nerves), so the counter argument would be would be ok to kill all insects (or other species) that do not have a central nervous system.

Another counter argument would be that if plants do not feel pain (due to lack of central nervous system), then why not give some kind of anesthesia to animals and then kill them for meat so that they don't feel pain. This can even be extended to people can farm animals, give them good food and a happy life and in the end, kill them such that they don't feel pain (like mercy killing!)

I never said central, just nervous, insects having a primitive ganglionar system is already a huge step and for no comparision to plants which have none, as for the second one, I'm totally ok with that, I'm not against meat eating per se but the meat industry. If few people (as I bet most wouldn't do it) were to rear their own chicken as good as they do with their pets and kill them with anesthesia, I wouldn't be against it.

haha, that's a good point. I'm also not suggesting not to eat plants per se, but just trying to give counter arguments for some of the points mentioned by others.

Most people seem to argue that since plants do not have a nervous system and hence cannot feel pain, it's ok to kill them. So I was suggesting a counter argument to that point.

Its always interesting to analyze arguments and counter arguments :)

^ Yes yes YES. Central Nervous System- Fact has it, plants do not possess this :) They would have to establish rather fantastic scientific evidence to prove the contrary. 

Also as Laks has wisely pointed out- not a lot of plants are killed during harvesting. It's a very weak argument!

I also like to point out that if these people truly DO believe plants have feelings (they don't), then going veg*n would still make more sense, as the meat industry is responsible for the most plant death also.

I used to think that plants have a soul and therefore, feelings.  I am not sure of that anymore because of points already mentioned like lacking a central nervous system.

What I find that plants more or less can't move. Their roots are in the ground and they die when they are uprooted.  Other animals cannot be uprooted.  So plants depend on natural elements such as water, and soil, etc.  They can be transplanted rather easily unlike animals, who cannot be transplanted without some major operation which is really risky.

so I don't really buy the idea that plants are sentient.  it doesn't mean that we should disrespect them.  we should respect them for giving us life.  but we should eat them for food for sure.

i don't know if plants have feelings/soul but I think they are life forms. They don't immediately die if they are uprooted but yeah, they can be transplanted.

I think there is a difference between eating leaves/fruits/vegetables versus eating roots. when we usually eat leaves/fruits/veggies, the plants don't die. but in the case of roots, they do. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Jainism instructs not to eat roots (the other well known one is because of the insects)


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