I WAS BORN INNOCENT JUST LIKE YOU ALL

                                       SOON  I WAS CONDITIONED TO FALL

                                        TO FALL INTO THE TRAP OF HARMING YOU ALL

                                         HEY MY ANIMAL FRIENDS...FORGIVE ME YOU ALL!

                                         SOON MY HEALTH TOOK A TOLL...

                                         BURNING I WAS WITH EMOTIONAL FIREBALL

                                        SOON CAME THE REALIZATION AFTER A LONG HAUL

                                         THAT ANY CREATURE BIG OR SMALL

                                          I AM A PART OF YOU ALL!

                                          HEY MY ANIMAL FRIENDS...PLEASE DON'T LOL!

                                          I WAS AN INNOCENT GOOFBALL..

                                          BUT I PROMISE THE SERVICE TO YOU ALL

                                          IS MY CALL

                                          FOREVER WILL EAT AT A VEGAN STALL

                                          LOVE YOU ALL!!!


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Some good Food For Thought to the meat-eaters...


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