Even though I have been on my Vegetarian Journey more than 25 years, I never imagined getting to the 'point of nausea' @ social events and public settings.  I now find myself unable to go into certain restaurants, sit at tables for events, or even pass food courts and hang at BBQs without having to excuse or remove myself!   Anyone else in Veggie Land on my Sea Sick Ship?  I fear it will lead to effecting my ability to social interact effectively with my children, family and freinds. 

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While I've yet to experience this particular reaction, most of the time I go about like the word 'pariah' is written on my forehead. Just being outnumbered by carnivores is unsettling enough. I've been on a shorter journey (a third of yours) and it may be that one's level of tolerance actually dips over the years. 

I actually understand you,

I was having dinner with some family members at a restaurant last week for someone's birthday and one of the guests got a medium rare steak. There was so much food at the table from all the different kinds of dishes, but what i kept noticing is that the only thing that i could smell was the blood on that mans plate.

It got so bad my own food began to taste like it. I had to excuse myself and get some air. I almost vomited right there at the table!

But a few days later I was at BBQ with some friends and was totally fine

So maybe it's just the particular situations, or maybe at that moment your thinking about it. Sometimes if you think about the fact that it can make you feel sick, since it has before, you just get even more sick. I really hope that makes sense...

I really hope things get better for you and your Sea Sick Ship finds the shore!

Best of luck! 


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