Why is it that some people who otherwise don't put much thought into what they're eating (if any at all),suddenly care so much when it comes their protein intake? I'm guessing it's just ignorance or confusion...but it does get annoying after while. You say you're vegan or vegetarian and the first thing a meat eater says is ''BUT HOW DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN! AREN'T YOU DYING!?'' I do understand the confusion,as I'm not the most knowledgeable about health...but it's still strange to see people who eat a lot of processed food,worry about your health and not theirs. 

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It's the anti-veggie anthem, lol. It just betrays how little most people know about nutrition. It's what they commonly hear, so it's fact to them and makes them afraid. In fact there is a lot of fear-propaganda around protein, telling people they need to consume more more more, and focus on their protein, when in fact it is so easy to meet your daily requirements that most people consume far too much. Yes, highly ironic lol. My dad used to ask me if I was beginning to feel faint from my diet, when he eats a regular diet of hot dogs, beer, and fast food.

That's true. We have a lot of twisted ideas about what's healthy. Which is really scary,but at least there are websites like this and plenty of meat alternatives. I just hope more people will start caring about what they put in their bodies!


Hey Stephen,  I lost my comments when responding.  I was cutting it short last night on my "amino acid classification.  I wanted to post the website Veganhealth.org it give the list of ESSENTIAL vs non-essential amino acids you can get in vegan/ combination of vegan foods. 

This is what I was referring to.  When meat eaters are concerned about protein it is because we have to be diligent in how we get our essential amino acids, not PROTEIN in general, I think the hardest to get is Lysine? Anyway, eating a variety of foods is the easiest way, bu if this gal wants a list to show her family/friends it is DO-ABLE then check out the site :)

I honestly feel that people use protein only to justify eating meat. If people really cared so much about protein they would know more about it--to ensure they were getting enough in their omnivourous diet, and they would generally care to know about other nutrients as well. Afterall, it is not uncommon for people on omnviroe diets to have iron, vitamin d deficieny, etc. However, no one seems to ever know anyone with a protein deficiency. It's a warped thing to only be concerned about this one particular nutrient over all else.

Most carnivores will eventually agree that the meat industry is horrific in its treatment of animals, but out of convenience they won’t give up meat and they use this protein-argument to motivate their choice.

It's just like this:


Haha. My dad is always banging on about protein and I'm like, all I eat are vegetables, how do you think cows get protein?

Hahahaha! That's true...it's a very gooood answer! Thank you for sharing, i'm gonna say this to people who asks me the same, all the time... hahaha

The book Diet for a Small Planet, ages ago made me diligent about combining foods. As an RN I later learned that you basically have free amino acids to draw form and do not have to be so vigilant.  You do not need to worry; I now eat a very varied diet. PS I am NEVER sick! 


Myth #2: Plant foods are incomplete because they’re missing essential amino acids.

Fact: All plant foods that provide any protein at all—which includes all grains, legumes, soy products, nuts, seeds and vegetables—contain every one of the essential amino acids. Except for soyfoods, they are all a little low in one or two of them, but it doesn’t actually matter. Eating a variety of plant foods that includes a few servings of legumes every day—no special food combining at meals is necessary—supplies plenty of the amino acids that are essential for health.

two thumbs up

It is my understanding that people are just sorely ignorant about health and where it comes from. the only protein they can think of is meat and that is because they have not attempted to learn about nutrition and instead just blindly listen to fast food brainwashing as the unsupportive government bullcrap they tell us. It's only half their fault really. I think all of us know how challenging the truth can be to find. so many people out there ready to contradict us.

It is funny isn't it. My family and I went Vegetarian last April and I spent soooo much time trying to make sure that I was getting all the protein and then it dawned on me that it was programming at it's finest from everywhere. I couldnt believe it!?!? All those commercials telling me how important meat was. Not too mention that stupid Food Pyramid etc. etc.. I literally was spending hours a night in the kitchen after working a full time job. Every now and again the protein dilemma pops up for me but I remind myself that it's the evil meat manufacturers that have planted this subliminal message.


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