Hey,just wondering,what is everyone's favorite way to workout? What motivates you to do it and how long do your workouts usually last? Running is the only thing I've been able to stick with for a long time.

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I like doing things like walking around, hiking, and rock climbing. At the gym, I live on the elliptical, that thing burns fat like nobody's business. I usually do circuit training, which keeps the workout interesting- once I'm bored of one machine, I move to the next. I really love aerobics too. My workouts can last anywhere from half an hour to two hours. Just depends on the time I have, what I ate that day, etc. 

Anything that gets my heart rate up and me sweating.running walking weights sex you know the usual work out stuff.
And I didn't mean the last one as a joke you burn more calories in 15 minutes of that then on the treadmill

Really? Haha that's news to me. 

bom chika bow wow chika bow wow ;)   lol 

I'm limited on time to exercise, so i make it count.

during the week, i got to the gym and crosstrain. I workout with weights and then do cardio afterward. I like to row, run, bike and stairclimb. it's worked well for me as i only have 3 days a week to work out and those days between give my muscles time to rebuild.

On the weekends i usually bike with my family or walk with them.


true. +ll minutes.

I could never stick to a consistent gym routine... it all was so boring. I tend to stick to things I enjoy which are usually low-impact group exercise classes like bikram yoga, barre, pilates, dance, etc.

I like pilates :3 Some of their ab exercises are gold.

Running is an excellent cardiovascular workout (aerobic).  But if you want more energy, strength, and to increase your metabolism, you need to add some form of anaerobic/strength activity to your workout. 

I enjoy kickboxing & Total body strength/conditioning and training in Tae Kwon Do.   Jump Rope is DOPE, burns crazy calories quick!  Running,  I will run my first 1/2 Marathon on Sunday (wish me luck)

Meanwhile, Our friends/family do:  "Hike and Bike" once a week (guys bike, gals hike and meet for pizza and beer after). 

Then of course: YOGA on Sundays with the hubby :)

A marathon? Cool! Good luck! :D Hmm think I might get a jump rope now...sounds fun!

Hey, did you get the jump rope?  It's hella fun.  I say Michelle Obama teach Dr Oz last week and thought now it's really gonna catch on :)

Btw, I only ran a 1/2 marathon, but I had a great time, no injuries, and made my goal of 2 hours.  (and 2 minutes) but close enough.



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