When someone asks you why you eat what you eat, what do you say? I usually joke around with the person. My favorite thing to do is look at the person with the most serious face I can muster and say "...I just really hate plants..." and stare at them. After seeing their reaction, I'll tell them about my real reasons if they're truly interested, but I like to keep conversations lighthearted, so...

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Because I have a mind to choose compassion over carnage. Killing animals is indefensible and turning them into articles of nourishment is unconscionable. 

I agree with Noy, I would just tell them that the pain they suffer is the exact same as ours if not more than ours, why would we hurt others to be able to feed ourselves...

Because nothing makes me feel happier, healthier and more alive :D

I just say that I eat the most amazingly delicious, healthy and feel-good food....not only because of the nutrients I get but because my conscience is clear! I have no blood on my hands. Nothing suffered for my meals. It's a pretty empowering feeling to have about dinner! lol  :) I doubt those meat eaters can say the same!

I just say that I've never eaten meat and have no reason to start doing so. (I have many reasons why I don't want to start eating meat but try not to mention those unless I know the person well enough and can expect a mature discussion about my motives with them rather than all the inane shit that usually gets asked/said.)

I usually awnser with: I live my live not hurting any animals, living as healty as possible and causing the least amount of harm to the planet. What's your excuse not to do the same?

Humans are, anatomically speaking, herbivores. There's a reason that we're the only "omnivore" that needs to cook their meat. I figure that if my body has natural limitations, I should regard them for my own health.

I try to avoid the real reason, not being a murderer, as it greatly upsets people.

Totally agree. I remember my 10th grade biology teacher saying that if an alien race came to earth and studied our anatomy they would classify us as herbivores. Interesting way to state it but it makes a clear point.

This video shows why we're more herbivorous if anyone's interested: http://www.flexyvegan.com/videos/humans-evolved-to-eat-meat/

Last time someone asked I just said, everything we do has a negative impact on the earth, however I can be an asshole about it and have a huge negative impact, which would be eating meat, or I can reduce my impact by eating only plants, and be less of an asshole about it.

I like your lighthearted attitude, that helps a lot I think.

I either just send them to this infographic about How Vegans Save: http://www.flexyvegan.com/infographics/how-vegans-save/

Or I ask them what they are more interested in Animals, Health or the Environment and talk about the benefits of what ever they choose.


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