More cows are harmed for cheese than for milk! While the consumption of milk is declining, the consumption of cheese is in fact rising. Taking about 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese. As many of you know, a dairy cows life is NOT a happy one in any way. Neither is a goat's for goat cheese(also becoming a popular trend). In fact unless the goats baby is a girl, they kill the baby goat almost instantly in front of the mother(because they cant have the baby drink the milk when they need the milk for your feta cheese Greek salad!). Cheese also contains traces of morphine. No wonder you are addicted?? I took cheese out of my diet about a month ago when i discovered how terrible cows and goats are treated. My 4 year old daughter doesn't miss it too much either. Rethink cheese please.

Love Mandy

here is a good website:

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Just had to say, people act like drinking dairy and eating cheese are not the same thing


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