As you all might know by now, I am doing a lot of research for my papers this semester on the mass production of animals for human consumption, whether it'd be for food or fashion. 

Here are some videos you all need to watch. 

SharkWater (clip from film  which is about the shark finning industry

The Cove (, which is about dolphin hunting... that's right, dolphin hunting

Whale Wars ( which is about whaling.

As you can see, all of this is going on... and there is little to no one trying to save these sea animals.

The great white shark is now endangered and the whale shark, the most docile animal on the planet, is being killed just for its fins. 

This has to stop!!!

Sea Shepherd needs more support!

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Omg I'm so going to the cove! I love dolphins and whales. They get my support for sure. I'm hoping to go this year or next. But I'm going!

In that video Earthlings, they said that since the 50's, 90% of big sea life is missing from the Ocean :( I think it was 90.. it was hard to concentrate X(

That's horrid... is there some say to help?

Japanese are the worst when it comes to hunting down dolphins and whales.

Needless to say, the sea is red.

But guys, do watch this small video (just forget that fish hunting in this video, except for that) >

its an inspirational and beautiful video of what ocean provides us.

Yet again another example of our arrogance as a species.  We were given the gift of speech therefore we are 'superior' to all other creatures.  Thankfully the most compassionate members of our species use that gift to fight the destruction.

This is awful, I watched the cove and it was so horrific. I still need to watch shark water but I have seen footage of these beautiful hammer head sharks having their fins sliced off and then thrown back into the water to drown. I get really angry when I see this kind of abuse. 

Although fin soup is going down in popularity in China because of the younger generation becoming more aware and not wanting this to happen.

I wanted to join Sea Shepherd but even that's difficult to become a part of. I think they do get a lot of support and they stop so much from happening, as I went to a talk last year given by the chef who makes sure that every sea shephed vessel is cooking vegan for the crew and one of the crew members who has been doing it for years and years. 

They do make a lot of progress and they are really good at what they do. But more does have to be done I agree Ashley. As for the mass killing of dolphins its so unfathomable that they could do this, and they put themselves at risk by eating the dolphin its all very bizarre. 

I love the ocean and all the creatures in it, I wish that one day we would just leave them all alone. Blue Fin Tuna is nearly at the point of extinction but this is what makes them so sought after, people are willing to pay thousands for this fish. So they fish as many as they can out of the oceans to freeze them and just make as much money as possible.

I saw the other day on the news that these prawns had been discovered which are 10x the size of the prawns we're used to seeing won't belong before they become another sought after 'delicacy'. I actually hope that we don't discover any more species. 

What can we do to make a significant difference? 

arrrrrrgh I get so infuriated.

Not only that....

We humans waste a lot of resources.

Check this video >

At 04:20 Minutes (Video) - Food Wastage.

At 07:21 Minutes (Video) - Bluefin Tuna Disappearance (Red List).

At 08:18 Minutes (Video) - Chopsticks, Trees being cut.

This is just a statistics of one country. Consider all the countries around the world....

Btw I love Japan. :)

It's absolutely disgusting! :(


The japanese say they are LEGALLY killing whales for RESEARCH... when really, it is illegal to hunt whales. The japanese set their quoatas to hunt whales with no thought on conservation...

Is it just lack of the Japanese governments watchful eye that they are able to kill these animals for 'research' when they are actually eating them? Or do they get around it another way?


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