Hi! I'm quite new in here. Nice to meet you all!

I visited a Facebook page on which people talked about the cruelty of the shark fin industry, and condemned those committing such atrocities.

Getting angry and shocked over the shark fin industry is completely justified. And so is getting angry over the dog meat trade, puppy mills and dogfights. I, then, made a comment about how, in order to stop the torturing of sharks, we should all look into the mirror and realize that cows, pigs, etc. aren't different at all, yet we are brutally torturing and killing them in slaughterhouses every day. And suddenly people got really angry with me. They were telling me to stop insulting others on the thread, and were in general very defensive, even though I had not made any personal attacks against anyone. Suddenly I had two guys debating against me about how we are supposed to eat meat, and how cows are like, totally different from sharks, because they're domesticated and living in a safe environment, unlike sharks. And other wild animals, such as tigers and rhinos, that we should protect.

Now, my whole point was that we shouldn't judge the Chinese for abusing and killing sharks before at least looking into the mirror and seeing that we are doing exactly the same to the animals here. The shark fin case is not an isolated one: its part of a bigger picture, in which we think we are the kings and queens of everything. And to be honest, we suck at ruling.

This wasn't even the first time I experienced something like this. For so many times, I've heard people saying how they love animals; puppies, bunny rabbits and such, and tell me lambs are cute while eating them. They get angry over animal abuse cases and they love their pet rats. Yet they don't give a rat's bottom about pigs or cows, or they get angry when these "others" are mentioned. I mean, I can also be selective sometimes, and I'm sure no one is perfect. But at least I admit it, and try to fix it.

Has everyone here experienced something like this? And does it make you frustrated? Why do you think people are so selective, and why do you think they get so personally insulted when they are reminded of the fact that they are contributing to the slaughter of sentient beings that are no less important than puppies, sharks and pandas? And how should I deal with people like this?

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Kaisa, totally agree with you.
I have had so many arguments with friends over this. I work at an animal hospital and most of my co workers are always saying how much they love animals and how they want to protect them. All of this while eating a burger from McGreasy (that's what I call the franchise, lol) I do not eat any meat whatsoever. I do not purchase any products that have been tested on animals. I do not wear fur or leather or any item that was once an animal. I purchase all cruelty free products, etc. they ask me why I chose to live that way and give up "delicious meat." I told them that I love animals and that I will not participate or be a part of something that hurts animals. I get the "God created animals for us to consume speech", etc. They feel "offended" when I say it is sad that they won't change their minds about eating animals. I point blank told them that animals are greatly offended by the fact that their beliefs is the reason why they have to die. I realize that people are settled in their ways and they prefer to close their eyes and turn their heads and pretend that animals do not suffer. Very few have changed our ways after realizing the pain and suffering we once caused animals just for us to wear fashionable clothing or to indulge our taste buds. I do think it is sad that others prefer to live a lie than see the truth and make a change. I'm often called weird or eccentric just because my beliefs are different from theirs. I actually do not care. If being weird and eccentric is what it takes to save animals, then I embrace those words whole heartedly. But I do feel that they shouldn't be calling themselves animal lovers if they only choose to save and rescue the ones they consider cute and not the rest. In my opinion, that is being a hypocrite. I can only hope that someday, they will open their eyes and see that as long as they don't truly love animals, they will continue to suffer. I will do what I can to help animals and be their voice just like so many others have chosen to do so too.

Yes, I have been through converstions like this...  I understand what you are going through.  I am vegan now because I have searched for answers and made my own decisions.  Less than a decade ago, I used to be one of the stubborn, envious, angry meat eaters.....I had two roommates in a row that were both vegetarians...  They didnt try to push me away from eating meat, I just observed and learned.  After reading one of my rommies books called, "Skinny bitch" I switched....cold turkey:) pun intended:) dogs, cats, birds.....and then go home to a nice pot roast....It does NOT make sense!!!  My niece told me that "there's hunting for a reason".....when I told her it was because man killed off all the natural predators she had nothing to say. so now man goes out with rifles to shoot deer, duck and anything else they can shoot for sport.  Listen, Rome was not built in a day.  Be proud of the difference you make.  Beleive it or not, people are watching you because you are different.  Stay positive and kind because kindness and compassion should be the vegans motto.  People will follow because it is the true innate nature of us all.


Most people could not eat an animal if they had to kill it , the logos of bbq places show the pigs being all happy that someone was about to eat the


In my case, I'm the only veggie. I never tried to convince my family directly to stop eating  meat, because I know that doesn´t work. Instead, I lead by example and they are starting to follow, specially my housband.

The thing is, that knowledge is a great responsability-> eatig meat knowing how these animals are killed is very difficult. So, people choose not to know, it's easier.

I tried to show my family Food INC. and they said, "I just don't want to know". I think that is why people are selective.

I went through something similar when on facebook. An aquaintance from school posted an article accompanied by a grotesque picture about the sacrifice of goats, sheep, and cows during an islamic festival which some people still celebrate in parts of the world and so thousands of animals are sacrificed in a single day. My response was that the american meat industry kills millions of animals everyday and people ignore their slaughter.
The only difference was that she did acknowledge that it was wrong but it would take her "a while" to go vegetarian.
Honestly if you say its going to take time, you don't want it enough and aren't actually serious about making the switch.
I like the phrase "selective compassion" because that's what it is; taking it upon yourself to decide which animals are fit to live, are cute enough to share your world, and which are merely food. I find it rustrating and hypocritical
All of the above echoes my experience. Even as a child I questioned why it was considered ok to eat some animals and not others, and not people. I couldn't tell the difference. I think most people are a bit simple; they don't question, they don't think and they don't want to know. They like what they like and don't consider the impact they have.
If they think about it they get defensive and that makes them angry, though I don't know why.
I recall a recent conversation with a friend, an 'animal lover' with a pet rabbit. Oh, I could never eat rabbit,' she says. I was curious as to why, so I followed up on the topic. If she had a pet pig or cow, she 'probably' wouldn't eat that either and could never kill an animal. But she's perfectly happy to pay someone else to, and eat animals she's never met; the unknown, hidden masses who lose their fights for life around the clock away from public view. 'Oh, don't', she said. 'I don't want to think about it.'
I wish that humanity would vacate this planet. We don't deserve it.


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