Hi! I'm quite new in here. Nice to meet you all!

I visited a Facebook page on which people talked about the cruelty of the shark fin industry, and condemned those committing such atrocities.

Getting angry and shocked over the shark fin industry is completely justified. And so is getting angry over the dog meat trade, puppy mills and dogfights. I, then, made a comment about how, in order to stop the torturing of sharks, we should all look into the mirror and realize that cows, pigs, etc. aren't different at all, yet we are brutally torturing and killing them in slaughterhouses every day. And suddenly people got really angry with me. They were telling me to stop insulting others on the thread, and were in general very defensive, even though I had not made any personal attacks against anyone. Suddenly I had two guys debating against me about how we are supposed to eat meat, and how cows are like, totally different from sharks, because they're domesticated and living in a safe environment, unlike sharks. And other wild animals, such as tigers and rhinos, that we should protect.

Now, my whole point was that we shouldn't judge the Chinese for abusing and killing sharks before at least looking into the mirror and seeing that we are doing exactly the same to the animals here. The shark fin case is not an isolated one: its part of a bigger picture, in which we think we are the kings and queens of everything. And to be honest, we suck at ruling.

This wasn't even the first time I experienced something like this. For so many times, I've heard people saying how they love animals; puppies, bunny rabbits and such, and tell me lambs are cute while eating them. They get angry over animal abuse cases and they love their pet rats. Yet they don't give a rat's bottom about pigs or cows, or they get angry when these "others" are mentioned. I mean, I can also be selective sometimes, and I'm sure no one is perfect. But at least I admit it, and try to fix it.

Has everyone here experienced something like this? And does it make you frustrated? Why do you think people are so selective, and why do you think they get so personally insulted when they are reminded of the fact that they are contributing to the slaughter of sentient beings that are no less important than puppies, sharks and pandas? And how should I deal with people like this?

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 I always think it's kind of odd to have selective compassion.This little video below, has a point, in how we're trained to give certain animals compassion and others not .Kind like the human race,we give compassion to some ,others we don't.I try to always give everything equal compassion.

If there was a "like" button for this video, I would click it :)

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I agree with everything you said Kaisa. I don't think people eat meat because they're evil. They're raised from birth to be desensitized to it and it’s generations in the making. In my day to day life, I try not to call people out about meat eating. I do however call a pig a pig and a cow a cow etc... When speaking of meat as part of a menu item. It's just my way of nudging them in to thinking twice about the life it took to make their meal.

No, I definitely don't think people eat meat because they're evil. They eat it, because they were brought up eating it, and because it's a cultural norm to eat meat, not because of some evil ideology. People are brainwashed to eat meat, not to question it. Dairy and milk industries have a lot of power in Finland.

What I find really frustrating is the lack of change I see in people. Even if they see horrible videos about factory farms and tortured animals, and even if they shed a few tears because of the videos they see, they will go and eat a steak the next day. AND while they eat it, they complain about how people eat dogs in China.

Why do you think people try to distance themselves from the cruelty?

I wish I knew why people deny the truth but I don't. When I saw my 1st animal abuse footage I was so disturbed I burst in to tears. I was over 40 but I knew right away I would never eat meat again. For me, there was no struggle with discipline or will power. I just couldn’t knowingly be a contributing factor to that.

I think in the back of everyone’s mind, they know what happens to animals can't be good. They simply don't allow themselves think about it because it is such a huge undertaking to commit that kind of life change.



People delude themselves all the time to justify the indefensible. What's new?

They call pig meat  pork and bacon, cows beef to remove themselves from the animal they are eating.

It greves me greatly that they think it their right to hol such dominion over animals as if they were no more than twigs being snapped. There are farm animals now that never see outside, feel the grass beneath their feet[let alone eat it], feel the warm sun or cool breeze or fresh air. Animals were not meant to live cheek by jowl in cages where they can't stand up, turn around....and they live like that day in day out before they even make it to their premature and barbaric death. I will never eat an animal[or by product again] and frankly, because people can't be relied upon to make the moral compassion decisions, it [unethical farming at the least]should be outlawed.

The plain truth of the situation is people don't like being called out on their lack of/stupid reasoning. They literally don't even think about the fact that they are eating cows and refuse to eat dogs. When you point out this fact people get angry because subconsciously they realize they are wrong and react angrily to try to defend their bad reasoning. That is the reason people get angry and defensive. They know deep down that how we treat animals in dairy farms and slaughterhouses is wrong and they don't want to admit that they are wrong. They are also (in my personal opinion) incredibly weak as most people reason, "meat just tastes too good, so I can't give it up". Which is similar to saying, "my tastebuds and their satisfaction is more important than animal welfare". They fancy themselves animal lovers and don't like that you are pointing out their poor reasoning.

I completely agree with you! I just hate it how I end up feeling guilty and uncomfortable after making someone upset with my comments. Even though I am right, and they know they are wrong.

I volunteer for Greenpeace, and when I talk to people on the streets I face the same problem. People are usually much more willing to have a conversation with me if it's about Indonesian rainforests or whaling, but they get defensive whenever I try to talk to them about global warming and the Arctic. Suddenly, I become a nuissance.

I would still like to continue dealing with these people. Because they need to be educated, and they need to wake up. How can I do it without losing my temper, and without losing friends?

Usually I agree but in a way that lets them know I only agree partially. Your friends know your stance, you can give them little guilt trips here and there but if you do it too much it can get in the way of your friendships. As much as we would like to stand alone for our beliefs we need friendships. So don't sacrifice yours in order to be right all the time.

Another thing is: many of those I've heard talking about this are my good friends. They come to me and complain about animal cruelty (selectively), because they know my stand on it and they want to connect, and they are disturbed by it. Should I always mention them about the cruelty faced by factory farmed animals, or should I just nod my head and agree with them? So far, I've mostly done the latter. Because they're my friends, I love them, and I don't want them to feel like they can't talk about these things with me anymore.

How do you usually deal with uncomfortable situations such as this? Are you able to swallow the hypocrisy if it comes from your friends?

Whenever you remind people that they are using select compassion, they tend to get VERY overly defensive, and pretend you are attacking them. Select compassion is incomplete compassion- can we call that compassion at all? That we love certain animals only because we were raised to love them, and the media tells us to love them? It is always a good point to bring up. My mom was talking about people shooting dolphins, and I brought up that we do far worse to cows and pigs, etc. She didn't say anything but she got really thoughtful, and that's a good step :) It definitely makes me feel frustrated, life is life- all life is sacred! There's not a sentient being who doesn't deserve peace, to continuously have the arrogance to say, "I should have choice over which animals deserve to live and die"-- uugghhh.


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