So I'm not super skinny and a girl made a comment to someone about how I "don't look like a vegetarian" and it upset me. Anyone experienced something like that?

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Maybe she just meant you look healthy. A lot of uninformed people think vegetarians are malnourished.

This sounds more probable.

Yeah all the time. People expect vegetarians to be this sub-species. Not sure why probably because we're a minority. Oh well. I think It's a good thing if anything, because people begin to realize that vegetarians are no different to meat eaters other than their views on animal cruelty, who knows might even encourage more to become veggie.  : )

Don't be insulted! She is being stereotypical! I'm not super skinny, either! 

people say the same about me!!

it seems they supposed that vegetarians are just eating salad and should look pale which is not true!

I get the same response sometimes. Granted I look thinner than me  pre-vegetarian, but being a vegetarian does NOT mean that I am emaciated. There are vegetarian/vegan athletes out there too.

And yes, many asked me if I survived on salads ==''' Vegetarianism does NOT equal to salads and by the way, salads can be made into complete meals-not just greens and greens and greens.

I get the same, people forget too as "I don't look like a veggie", not sure what the average veggie should look like!

I get the same thing all the time.  People assume that if you're veggie, you can't eat anything but salads, so you're going to be like a stick or something.  It's ridiculous.  And I'm definitely not super skinny.  I even get people saying stuff like, "oh you must cheat though, right?" or "I bet you eat a ton of potato chips and stuff right?  That's all I'd be able to eat too."  It's ridiculously.  Like I haven't had a potato chip since I became veggie sooo... But yeah, I feel you.  You just gotta put it down to ignorance.  Whatever reason someone says something stupid like that, it's because they're ignorant.  Don't let it get to you.  Stay strong <3

If you are Vegetarian then its not mean that you must skinny so Don't care about those kind of comments.Let them jealous ;).We are not vegetarian because we want to be skinny, we are because we don't want to kill animals to fill up our tummy. And be in well shape is better then skinny.

vegetarians/vegans come in all shapes and sizes!!  I guess people think we only eat rabbit food! I eat a lot of great vegan food, I probably know just about every vegan junk food out there, and yes I need to lose a few pounds! LOL, don't worry about the comment!  I usually get "are you still on that vegan diet" I just smile and say "yes" people don't realize its not a diet, its a lifestyle, and everyone of us have our own reasons for being vegetarian/vegan, my reasons are because I do not support factory farming or the slaughter of animals for food or clothing, nor do I believe in holding animals captive for our entertainment, NOT because I want to look "skinny"  :)


I got this a ll the time when I was younger, but not because of my being skinny; instead, it was for my height, but I am not super tall though. I always said to them, "See! Being a vegetarian can be 5'6, why don't you try to be one too?" :)

I am a healthy weight, not skinny not fat, just right (at least I think so and so does my hubby).  But I am an apartment manager and I have this tenant who is obese to say the least he almost cannot walk, and when he does he must sit down and rest after a very short walk.  He tells me all the time I look sick, and someone is lying to me about my wellness, and my face looks drawn, pasty and I am underweight.  I believe he tells me this because he is jealous because he has so many health problems.  So don't let it get you down that someone is jealous of a choice you made that they can't.   


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