So I'm not super skinny and a girl made a comment to someone about how I "don't look like a vegetarian" and it upset me. Anyone experienced something like that?

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Same here! My friends used to say that I'm too skinny to be healthy and cannot enjoy great food being a vegetarian but hey, I actually started exercising seriously since becoming a vegetarian, and almost vegan except for the milk products in my drink premixes and biscuits. Right now some of them asked me how I stay energetic for the whole day. How I wish I can give them this answer:


I wish to give them this answer but they'll surely bash me up. :(

hi kristne,,,

I've been a vegetarian for 12 years, and until about four years ago, my weight hovered around 200, I got comments like that a lot. After getting fit, people still seem amazed that I'm a vegetarian, I guess I'm a bit more substantial than they imagine vegetarians to be (5' 10", 165lbs), they're even more amazed when they hear about my 130 mile bike rides!

How can someone tell if someone is a Vegetarian just by looking at them, it's impossible, I mean I had a friend who was a vegetarian & I never knew they were, & they never knew I was, until it had popped up with a conversation of non-geltine sweets after 2 years of us being friends

thank you, everyone :)

I am anything but skinny.  I have a weakness for olive oil on bread, pasta with fresh tomato sauce and fruit smoothies, all high calorie.  So, what does a vegetarian look like?  Me apparently, and you too.  

Most people expect vegetarians to eat grass so she must have been surprised with your normal weight.

it's such a silly statement, i wouldn't pay any heed.

people are all about generalizations. I workout lots and am strong, and i'm vegan.

I am an overweight vegetarian, and some people find that either perplexing or to be "proof" that vegetarianism isn't healthful. I have the same struggles with food and weight as I did prior to becoming a vegetarian. Cutting out meat is healthful, but it isn't magic. 

That being said, I have experienced a lot of health benefits from being a vegetarian. My cholesterol and blood pressure decreased, and I don't have diabetes, which, according to the doctors I have seen, would be expected for someone my weight. 

I am a vegetarian primarily because of the ethical concerns I have about meat, but I do hope that it will also help me meet my weight loss and health goals. However, I recognize that cutting out meat is not enough to ensure that my diet is a healthful and appropriate. 

Don't care about that hehe. Me too. They always think people who r veggie , will have body like supper model :D

Or even anorexic.


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