So I'm not super skinny and a girl made a comment to someone about how I "don't look like a vegetarian" and it upset me. Anyone experienced something like that?

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From time to time I get this one: "but you're beautiful, you don't look like a vegan."
 What the F? Like being a vegan is about fashion.

I get that all the time.

"You don't look vegan. Are you just saying that so people will like you?"

"You're way too muscular to be vegan; they're all malnourished."

"You don't have to pretend, dude. No one cares if you eat meat."

It's pretty gross, but I'm used to it by now. People have always been misinformed about vegetarianism and veganism, because the agriculture industry needs to somehow convince the world that eating meat is normal and healthy, and what better way than to tell everyone that those who abstain from animal products are sickly? I've actually managed to get dozens of people to become vegetarian -- not with my words, but with my appearance.

I am skinny, but it's just my body type that I've always had, even when I ate animals. But when I have to tell people I'm vegan they're like "oh that's why you're so skinny" -.- and people are like "you need more meat on your bones!"

I get "wow, I never would have guessed you were a vegetarian" all the time. Apparently in most peoples minds vegetarians and vegans don't perform any physical activity to obtain any muscular definition and we should all look sickly and emaciated. The best is when an extremely out of shape person then has the audacity to ask me where I get my protein from.

I have been a lacto vegetarian for over 2 years now and am now a vegan (2 months). I am VERY overweight. As a matter of fact I went veg because of some serious health problems that have since completely cleared up!

So Yes, I even had a friend ask me the question one day. "If your a vegan, why is it that you have not dropped more weight. I don't understand. You should be thin as a rail by now!"

Well, needless to say I felt like crap after that! I felt maybe I was doing something wrong.,that I was not a poster child for vegans. Well, maybe I'm not. I love bread, potatoes and pasta. I exercise 5x a week and I eat healthier then any other person I know. But I still feel almost embarrassed to tell people I am a vegan. I don't look like one at all! Well, according to the worlds perception!

Just remember that all people all around the world come in all shapes and sizes. There is no way you can tell a vegan from a meat eater right off. Just ignore it and go on. You know your doing your body good no matter what you look like!!!

I guess people associate  being vegetarian/ vegan with being thin. Which that makes no since to me,

 becaues Ive seen  some over weight, you still have to take care of what you eat.  Personally I think  meat eaters think all we       eat is salad, but they be surpised.  Dont take it to heart brush it off and keep going. 

Omg, lame, ignorant and in my opinion a discriminatory remark.  Which tells me right away, it had NOTHING to do about you, and everything to do about her.  Only uneducated, insecure, close minded, immature minds would  think that way.  She actually said it out loud?   You should feel proud that you are above that mind set, and feel sorry for her instead.

You said it!!!

I wouldnt worry about it hun.. I get it all the the time. People think Im a criminal when i first meet them. Lol

ummmm What are vegetarians suppose to look like? ROFL!

I had the exact same thing! Even a teacher once said in the other class that 'a vegan doesnt have a belly like that'. I'm not even overweight! It can really upset me, but just comfort yourself with the thought that those are dumb people that just open their mouths without educating themselves. In the long run, we will look better and feel better and healthier :)

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