Should it be a legal requirement to say if something is "suitable for vegetarians"?

I'm finding that sometimes it's not enough to look at the ingrediants listed on a product. Not everyone can remember which E-numbers are V friendly, and things like whey powder and beta-carotenes aren't always the vegetarian versions.

I read that some companies refuse to mark a product as "suitable for vegetarians" because they say the customer can just read the ingrediants, but obviously it's not as easy as that as some ingrediants are ambigious.

These companies are surely loosing money - if vegetarians knew what was safe then we'd buy more.

Or are they simply refusing because they don't want to admit that their products are non-V?

We all have a right to know just what we are eating/drinking!

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I agree, I am a lacto-vegetarian because where I live it's just difficult to find Vegan products

I really dont have a problem with the system now. I mean, we really should be able to read the ingredients and if we dont know what one is, why r we buying it in the first place.


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