Should School children be shown where there meat comes from to help them make a more informed decision as to whether they want to eat met or not?

Is it better to simply Not know? or is it important for all to know where there meat comes from?

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Parents let their children play war games and other violence games, so why don't let them see the facts of where the meat come from? I think they should. In my opinion, children should be shown this, they should be educated. It's easier to educate children than adult. 

I agree! Well put. We have such a high tolerance for pain if it entertains us, but if it's an uncomfortable truth then we ignore it or ban it.

Why not? I was just thinking what subject could include that?

I think there isn't any subject that would be suitable for that issue here in Finland. New syllabus for elementary schools might include ethics. Maybe teaching about food industry and how our diets and other choises are effecting on animals and environment would be part of some new subject, for example ethics.  

I don't know if you have this in Finland, but starting in 6th grade here (Maryland, USA), there is a "tech ed" class that is kind of the catchall for things that do not fall into any specific category. Basic cooking/baking is one of the things they teach in this class and I believe teaching about where food comes from would fit there.

My brother watched the life-changing documentary about live transports in his biology lesson. Years later, I was shown one about cheese production, which finally stopped my classmates from calling me crazy because I had been telling them about rennet, where it came from and that it was in just about all cheeses in Germany. 

I wish my school showed it to me years ago! Children should know the truth. I have been lied to my whole childhood! happy pictures of happy cows in open fields.. that's what they showed me, and I believed it ofcourse. 

I agree Tessa!  We've all had that image planted in our minds.  I don't even think it was that inaccurate ~45 years ago, when I was a little kid! ;)  But, it definitely is now.  I think it became a convenient cover for the factory farms of today, to continue this fictional image.  If they showed little kids, today, what goes on in these factory farms and slaughterhouses, they would be horrified and brought to tears!!! Like I was recently...

Yes, definately. If schools are going to educate so that children can make educated decisions (which I believe is the main reason for schooling), then they should be informed. Realistically speaking, though, I don't think this will happen. That leaves it up to the parents to educate their children on this.

Of course if it is appropriate to the studies, parents should take prime responsibility. People are highly uneducated in this area of animals and healthy living/ would help with understanding of reality and the knock on benefits are huge to the healthcare system and animal welfare! :-)

It depends on what age they are.We shouldn't let the innocent see the horrors of the world.But,take them in a loving and understanding way and teach them properly.A child learns a lot from the age of birth to 6 years old.They also learn their diet from ,THE PARENT.

Children are overloaded with viloence of the world already enough.It is not a good idea to show the horrors of the meat industry to children.We're walking a slippery slope in doing so.That is the wrong way to go about teaching anything PERIOD.Viloence does not teach children,viloent situations,images,propaganda leave lasting effects on a childs mind and scars it.Voliences doesnt teach, love does,and there is a way to go about teaching without scaring a childs mind.

While I fully agree that a child's innocence should be maintained as long as possible, the early teens are probably the best time to show them about the meat industry. With luck, it will shock a large number of children into giving up meat. I'd rather a child be horrified for a while than for it to consume hundreds or thousands of animals and to contribute to their suffering in the course of its lifetime. 

I think it's important that even children in a very young age know and understand where their meat is from. You don't have to tell them too much,  but enough to understand. 


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