Should School children be shown where there meat comes from to help them make a more informed decision as to whether they want to eat met or not?

Is it better to simply Not know? or is it important for all to know where there meat comes from?

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Like other difficult subjects, it's iimportant for parents to tell their children about these things when the time is right.  Yes, I believe everyone should know where their meat comes from.  I used to think that once I knew where my meat came from, I wouldn't want to eat it anymore.  But I also used to think that it would be because of the unsanitary conditions.  Now that I've seen what factory farming and slaughterhouses are all about, I've chosen to go "meatless" for the welfare of the animals.

YES,  If they can watch were babies come from they should watch where their food comes from

Hahaha good point.

I remember when I was 5 or six years old, my grandfather killed hens and first I wss locked into my osrent's bedroom but I climed out the Window. I saw the hens running arround with their head of , blood was spouting out their neck . It was horrifying I was scared. But at this time no one of our friends or all the people we knew were vegetarians. It took me years to become one. I think judt tell children about crurlty against animals, shiw them pictures of babies and sooner or later they understand and they will get vegetarians themselves.
I dont know. If the kids see animals killed, they may learn to tolerate it and think its ok. I watched my family clean rabbits and ate them when I was little. When I was
older, I was inside a Perdue chicken house helping to clean out the dead ones. It did not dawn on me what was going on until I saw Food Inc when they went into the Purdue chicken house. I was thinking how could I be so blind? FYI, those houses were just like the one I was in so that was legit.

They should be led by example, taught and told in ways sensitive to the innocence of a child. They shouldn't be shown. You shouldn't hurt a child to make a point. 

no, young children should not be shown.  we raised our children without tv and video games.  we did everything we could to protect our children's innocence for as long as we could.  once their innocence is gone, you can not get it back.  if you are raising your child to be vegetarian or vegan, that is what they are.  why would they need to see a slaughterhouse video or something similar?  all it will do is give them nightmares.  when they enter middle school, and they are interested, then show them.  until then, lead by example, and visit a ranch where your kids can love on cows and chickens.  playing with animals, caring for animals, and loving animals will make a more lasting, positive imprint.

I think they absolutely should. I was a teacher for 15 years, and the health of our youngs ones are STAGGERING! If they knew what they were eating, and were taught healthy alternatives, they wouldn't WANT those "chicken nuggets" and other crap. I WISH my kids were taught that at an early age. They are grown now, and its harder to break the habit.

When I was 12, my class (in Italy) went to Parma to see a prosciuttificio (where they produce prosciutto, ham). 

I was already vegetarian, I ve been since my birth. 

I can't even explain my disgust in that trip. However, I coulnd't bring myself to say that I wanted to wait outside. One of my classmates threw up as soon as felt the smell and waited outside, I wanted to stay with him. 

After the tour they were supposed to offer us "lunch", which was breadsticks and ham. 

NOBODY ate the ham. we were all disgusted. However, none of my classmates challenged their meat-eating habits when we got back... I say if they had seen the pigs getting slaughtered, they would have. 

I think EVERYONE should see it with their own eyes. Not on youtube, in person. 

Then the world would be a better place, at least a little bit. 

Yes, definitely. I believe there would be more vegetarians if they got a chance to see what reality lies behind the wrapped meat or chicken they buy at the supermarket .
Probably not showing images to first graders... But telling the truth about where the meat they are eating comes from.

Yes, Of course. I was told by my colleague that her sister went to a slaughter house when she was in middle school, she was so horrified at what she saw and that day she became a vegetarian. She is now 40 years of age. I believe this will encourage more children at a young age to make their own decisions and the lifestyle they are willing to choose - to become a vegetarian or keep eating meat. 

Yes, i believe everyone should know what they are eating. I wouldn't like it if someone gave me something without telling me what it was. The cycle of eating it for the sake of it needs to be broken.


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