Vegans who feed their dogs animal flesh: How do you want to end animal slavery if you're just gonna keep supporting it for your pets sake?

Why get a meat eating pet in the first place? You're paying money to an industry you hate so much just because you want a pet?  ... I just don't get it.  I know dogs were naturally carnivores, (now evolved omnivorous), but why get it in the first place if this is the way it's gonna be?

It's like you are still buying meat from the store for yourself, except you're feeding it to your pet....and you guys are against animal cruelty and factory farming? It's hard to believe that since you think the life of one pet is more important than the billions who get slaughtered each year... Someone please explain this mess to me.....

(As for the people who already had meat eating pets before going vegan, I'm not talking about you, but I would like to know if you will still get another meat eating pet after this one is gone?)

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Animals should be free! Most cats are free, some of them locked up in the house, we chain a dog like a slave.. Who are we to take their freedom. We were born free and we will die free.

I agree.

I have a neighbor who has a cat and chains it in her yard so he doesn't run away. She leaves him like that during the day. She takes him for walks on a leash sometimes too.... It's insane. I will take a picture and post a thread about it here soon.

Currently I have no animal family members and I prefer to keep it so. It's not a good time to keep any as I don't have enough time to educate myself and them about their diet and keeping them fit and healthy.

From my past experience, even dogs are difficult to train to become vegan. They have a mind of their own. Some are more willing to conform to please than others, but it's really their choice. A dog that became part of family due to the prior owner abandoned him on the property and passed the key a couple weeks later. He was one of the wildest dog I've ever met in that he hunt for his food irrespective of how you lock the doors. He was smart enough to open the doors, run wild in the field, and hunt down birds. The only reason we knew was we found little piles of feather with half eaten bird feet. Does he make good vegan dog? I doubt it. He doesn't even like the different dog foods available on the market.

At least he hunted his own food and you weren't supporting the meat industry for him.

I agree. I had nearly fainted once when he wanted to share his kill with the rest of the family, but that's his animal instinct.

My boyfriend nearly fainted when my cat brought a dead mouse in this morning and ate it in 3 mouthfuls. He said he could still hear the crunching noises haha. She only seems to eat them in front of him and I've said in some way she's trying to educate him on being a vegetarian cause that's how animals are supposed to be eaten and if he can't handle it he should be veggie....that's what I like to think anyway :) 

LOL. I can just see the smile on the cat's face. =)

I feel the same as you do. I hate buying my cat the rubbish tinned cat food I currently do so I'm looking for vegan alternatives and will soon start mixing it in with her food to see how she likes it. Just this morning she caught and ate a mouse - this is nature and not something I'm worried about as she is just exercising her natural hunting instincts which is fine by me :) and she is getting her meat fix so she'll never really be vegan.

I've had friends who argue that making your pet vegan because you are is 'animal abuse' and that cats are natural carnivores. I had to explain that farmed animals experience real abuse and feeding your pet processed, store bought meat is not natural so not feeding it to them is not 'unnatural' (if that makes sense). None of them agreed with me. I completely agree that my cat is a carnivore - she shows me this by the small animals she catches and eats but she is not a lion, she doesn't need a zebra to satisfy her carnivorous instincts and she doesn't burn enough energy to justify feeding her large amounts of meat. So when she's at home I think a vegan alternative specially designed to contain the right nutrients for her on top of her kills is more than sufficient.

I would love to get a dog in the future, but these same dietary restrictions will still apply as long as it's best for them. Having said this, the health and well being of my little Peanut is my 1st priority so if I find she still needs meat - I live on the coast so finding some locally, responsibly caught fish shouldn't be too much of a problem...

I like your way of thinking.

Tinned cat and dog food is in no way natural food for a companion (pet). For years it is known that what gets left behind in the meat industry and isn't fit for human consumption, gets canned to end up as your "healthy dog/cat food" with a nice pretty label and a good advertisement.

I had a dog before I became vegan, he passed away 3 years ago and I couldn't imagine adopting another dog. Now I feel like I could adopt one but I'm afraid to push a vegan diet on him... by the way, I didn't know about all this back then and fed my dog tinned food, he was getting really sick from it and I think it was the main reason he died. He was always really bloated after eating it and looked very unwell, ha was only 13 years old and he was a Maltese... Maybe I'll save a little piggy in the future, wouldn't have to worry with food ;)


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