Since becoming Vegetarian/Vegan and so forth, how do you view meat eaters?

I assume that most people reading this discussion would be committed vegatarians/vegans etc, I was curious, do you see meat eaters differently? Has it become a taboo factor for you? Seeing people in Mcdonalds or at the supermarket buying meat, do you feel restless?

Curious about the psychological changes of becoming a vegetarian/vegan.

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To be honest i do see them a bit differently, since i am now a fully committed vegetarian, i can now see the other point of view on why meat-eaters don't want to turn vegetarian and that is because most of them are very uninformed and brainwashed by the media! (a.k.a most of them saying that calcium only comes from cow milk, protein only comes from meat, etc.) And im guessing that because of that, they think that they will "die" or become "ill" (even though we vegetarians and vegans know what bad animal products do for you body) but they obviously don't know that. Since i became a vegetarian, i've been trying to turn my parents, and informing them of what's really in their food and the effects it's causing them. It's been about 2 months since i became a vegetarian, and about a month since i really started telling them to go veg, and now i they told me they have been starting to eat healthier and are more conscious about what they eat but that is only because they were informed. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! 

Whenever someone questions my vegetarianism, i simply explain to them some highlighting facts that are a bit overwhelming for example how cow milk has pus, etc. But i try my best to inform them as much as i can before they become bored. It's very eye-opening the change. And most of the time it is so scary for meat-eaters to stop eating meat, specially if they have been taught since they were children that MEAT=ONLY PROTEIN SOURCE and COW MILK= ONLY CALCIUM SOURCE, NO MEAT, NO COW MILK = DEATH (which ofcorse we all know that is some BS) and also the taste of meat is what i think is the hardest part of not eating meat anymore, no matter how similar the taste of fake meat is (i've tried it before) but it's all about caring for your body, your mind, your health, the animals and the environment. Oh, and i also believe that we humans were created to be herbivores. I have alot more to say but for now this is it. 

PS: As my parents would say, im "aggresively suggesting" they turn vegetarian haha but at the end of the day they know im right. 

I feel exactly the same way, I have been trying to tell my friends, family and boyfriend about the pure benifits that not eating meat will give you. It's a much more detoxifying, and cleaner decision for your body and your life.

I do believe that becoming a vegetarian can open your eyes to the clouded curtain a meat eater puts up for themselves. There is a huge amount of ignorance regarding meat eating, it's glorified as a delicious cuisine, and doctors preach about the benefits of red meat, boiled chicken etc.

When will doctors, media, restaraunts begin preaching about the benifits of pure vegetarian meals?

So in the end, I fully agree with you and I think of the exact same factors

Well, of course doctors, media, restaurants will not preach about the benefits of pure vegetarian meals (except for the handful of ethical ones) because IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. If people get healthy as vegetarians, they will not visit the doctor who will then prescribe alien medicine and suggest ridiculous medical procedures. The doctor will not earn the money (at least hundreds usually) that he will otherwise earn. As for the media, they will lose money for not getting paid by the advertisers of the cruel industries (meat, egg, dairy, leather, fur etc.). Most people are meat eaters, so of course the restaurants will not preach about the benefits of vegetarian meals for fear of losing their customers! You should realize that there are still many meat eaters who shun the thought of eating meatless meals because the meals are perceived as being "tasteless" and "low-class".

MONEY is the major issue here. Vote with your money for health, environment, and the harmony of all living beings.

as free willing killers. nothing else. that's why i have never had a boyfriend, i cannot bare seeing anybody enjoy eating meat

Exactly, same here!

In my opinion, viewing meat-eaters as free-willing killers can only bring us unnecessary stress because we will have to see people as blood-thirsty zombies wandering on the streets, ready to pounce on victims! How creepy is that? Sure, they are killers, but keep in mind that we were killers too. In fact, the houses we live in involves sacrificing the lands of animals. In this man-eat-man world, we should practice mindfulness and an open heart while doing the best for personal, social and environmental wellbeing, e.g. by being vegetarians. Only then, we can live happily, thrive and channel our energy towards making the world a better place.

I realise that every individual thinks differently, thus if we want people to respect us, we should respect others too, regardless of their social background, eating habits etc. As much as I feel sad over the ignorance of the truth behind meat, eggs and dairy, I always try my best to put my message across in a casual approach. For example, when I am asked about my source of protein and calcium (Trust me, this is EXTREMELY annoying!) I explained on the food I take, and say nothing else. It can be very difficult for people to unlearn the propaganda. I used to worry that I would not get enough calcium as a vegan, but I equipped myself with the necessary knowledge and do more weight-bearing exercises for my bones. Being an ex-omnivore, I definitely have no right to judge others for their dietary habits.

With that being said, I do find many meat-eaters having cognitive dissonance. For example:

  • They claim themselves as animal lovers, yet they eat meat
  • They claim that vegans will get sick and die, but they are the ones turning lethargic despite 8 hours of sleep.
  • They claim that vegans are unhealthy, while they shove soda and hotdogs down their throats
  • They shout "Save the Earth" signs and yet they do not blink an eye while eating burgers!
  • They claim that eating too much fruit is unhealthy when they eat cheese and meat daily.

It is even more annoying and irritating when I meet meat-eaters who actually tell me to try out steaks at the latest steakhouses. Sheesh! Vegans are preachy, really? The preachiest of all are hardcore meat-eaters with their endless protein myths, laughing at vegans for apparently "not being able to enjoy delicious food and have to eat salads everyday" and statements like "I can't live without milk/steak/sausage/cheese etc.".

As vegetarians, we know what we are doing. Instead of taking a militant approach to spread messages on being vegetarian, I would say that it is better to lead by examples and only explain when necessary. Yes, this may be a slow step, but a slow step is better than an aggressive step which puts people off doing the right thing that contrasts with their deep-rooted beliefs, right?

Since becoming a vegetarian I started looking at meat-eaters differently. I always say myself that I was like them too, but it doesn't stop me from thinking that they are cruel. Or let's say ignorant. I was ignorant too. But I am sure if there was a vegetarian around me it would made me think earlier about my life. So when people around me know why I am vegan (for ethical reasons) and they think it's okat for them to eat meat... They think about it, but they don't find it bad. How can I look at these people as if they are normal? But I do. After becoming vegan, I also started thinking that lacto-ovo vegetarianism is very strange. I don't get it when people become lact-ovo vegs for ethical reasons. I was like that too. 

Life is so confusing. I think it is normal that vegetarians can't view meat-eaters as usual, and we don't have to change that. But we still should be nice and give info to them. It is their choice. 

I find myself noticing meat more, and being more conscious of how much of it is around me and how much it is eaten. But meat eaters themselves, I don't view differently at all.

At the end of the day, I have made an ethical decision for myself to not eat meat, but other people (most people) do not believe it to be wrong to kill and animal or eat it. That is their belief, and as much as I disagree with that, I will not judge people negatively or dislike them because of holding that belief.

The belief that eating meat is okay is a huge majority in our society, and so to view everyone who believes it as evil or bad would not be productive or logical. We all form our beliefs largely because of the society we are brought up in combined with our own personal circumstances. Most of these people are not cruel people, some might even love animals and try to help them. A lot of people fight and work for better living conditions for animals that are being used for meat (free-range, etc). 
I think my main point is that it isn't all black and white. They are a product of society, and so must be judged as such. I think that the very fact that there is a much larger number of vegetarians in our society now, and it is clearly growing, is a good sign. It means that society is gradually changing for the better. As society changes, so will its people and their beliefs.

On a more personal note, I have only been a vegetarian since May 2014. I'd been wanted to make the change for a while, and moving out of my family home created the perfect opportunity. 
I live with my boyfriend, who eats meat. I do not judge him, because that would be hypocritical and mean. He supports my lifestyle choice and so I support him. I will cook him meat (although, he eats more veggie meals with me than meaty ones), and on his days to cook he always cooks something veggie. He understands how I feel, and why, and respects it. He has enjoyed every new veggie dish that I have cooked.
Who knows, if I keep treating him with love and respect, not trying to force my views onto him, he may well make the decision to become a vegetarian himself; and that would be a much better outcome.

I don't hate them, they're still my friends, especially when it came to making something free of meat available to me at parties.

As a teetotaler, I must admit I was trying to force my views on others a bit.

Now that I've converted to vegetarianism, I still spruik my thoughts a lot (through social media especially), however, I accept their choice, though I may hope they start making some kind of ethically better choice, be it free range eggs, grow own eggs, milk own goat, (ditching factory farmed animal-sourced produce and caged eggs), go vegetarian, go vegan, etc.

I've often said I think they should outlaw the use of steroids in meat farming (this might help reduce meat consumption among those who don't wish to go vegetarian, I think the steroids was what caused certain "withdrawal symptoms" when I first went veg over 2 years ago)


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