I am looking for advice on how to put on weight as a vegetarian. I don't really follow any diet in particular other than that of a veggie, no healthy eating or written plans as such. I eat 3 decent size meals a day and scoff snacks in between.

I am too skinny for my liking and want to know of any foods that may help you put on weight. Of course I don't want  to eat 10 bags of crisps a day or something equally as unhealthy. Most people who want to lose weight tend to cut out bread so should I up the bread perhaps?
If anyone else altered their diet or has an idea of some food to fatten me up I would be eternally grateful.

Thank You

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eating more bread is unhealthy man.. try and include more whole grain pastas/potatoes etc during your day.. have good sized meals and eat more often.... if you are looking to put some muscle on , then if you train hard and eat 6 times a day or so.. you will start to put weight on. 

there are plenty of vegan bodybuilders out there. they eat lots of different types of food. try to not rely on the same few things. stay healthy and just eat more. your body may be naturally slimmer than most, so it may be difficult. just try to eat a bit more often. 

Thank you for your reply. Don't get my wrong I'm not training to put muscle on, just weight. Good tips on eating more often and the pasta and potatoes I didn't know about that, I do like chips :p. I do have a naturally slimmer body which makes it harder you're right. 
Thanks again! 


Carbohydrate is actually the chief culprit for obesity. But excess carbohydrate would surely risk your health. So replace it as much as you can with the browns and wholes - brown rice, brown sugar, whole oat, whole meal etc.

Fry all your raw nuts and seeds. Not necessarily with oil but It doesn't matter if you should add some. Make yourself addicted with black resins (the white and green types contain sulfur). Reduce sour food because acids dissolve fats.

If you should depend on refined carbohydrates for quick weight-gains, supplement it with plenty of variety fruits to minimize unpleasant risks. 

Top advice, thanks for your time.

Up your calorie-dense foods like avocados, nuts and dried fruits (the unsulphured ones). Up your monounsaturated fats, healthy carbs and proteins! Plus, use larger serving plates as it'll trick your brain into eating more.

Allot of people mentioning nuts, I think that's the way to go. Thank you.

If you are a lacto-vegetarian - eat more cheese and other diary. Diary promotes growth for humans as it does for calves.

Also, eat lots of sweet fruits like bananas, oranges and figs.

I used to put weight when eating raw honey with walnuts - love the combination! :) 

Raw honey with walnuts-best candy EVER. Oh yea, how about some good chocolate-covered bananas, strawberries etc? Or, almond/pecan/walnut crusted tofu steak? (Though I've never tried it before)*Drooling*

Cook oats/rice etc in plant milk rather than water. E.g. coconut milk, hazelnut milk... these are calorie-dense.

Try using almond flour in place of ordinary flour in baking too. It's gluten-free and has a nutty taste, but it has a VERY high calorie density due to the fat from all those nuts!

More dairy gotcha. Didn't know that about the sweet fruit. Thanks for the advice!

BUT... Dairy is bad for bones as it is an acidifying protein which depletes your bones of calcium. Besides, they can irritate the stomach and cause flatulence. Avoid it if you can. Nut milks are just as calorifically dense!

I'd be ill if i gave up milk I'm afraid 


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