he says that a highlight from an article detailing that women over 50 who ate more fruit than meat in their diet were infact 70% more at risk of breast cancers than that of a meat eater. the rest of the article is interesting and all sited properly with medical research.

and also he says we aren't carnivores, we're omnivores, so we share similarities of both. the fact that we share salival glands with a deer makes as much deer as it does vegetarian. 
the reason we don't eat raw flesh isn't because our stomaches never
could - therefor we dont. but instead it's that we used to, and as a result of us cooking the meat, making it easier to digest + process the nutrients and proteins helped us gain the extra + excess energy to grow bigger brains, smaller stomaches, walk upright and be more intelligent than other animals.
infact if you're trying to weigh up the pros and cons of vegetarianism against all other diets, vegetarianism diets lack the complex fatty acids, vitamin b12, iodine and other vitamins that meat provides in order to stave off dementia, cancers, aid in muscle + bone growth, etc. if the case for vegetarianism is 100% the moral choices of the person, then there's no argument. but as far as "are humans omnivores or herbivores" then we're omnivores and there isn't an argument to be had.

I do not believe that we should eat meat , wither we have the similarities or not. of course I am not as good as he with finding such infomation. he still thinks that meat is good. and therefore he will prove why. 

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"and also he says we aren't carnivores, we're omnivores, so we share similarities of both."


wow this is great!  he is very blunt on what he believes is correct. 

LOL what article? Casein causes cancer! There are dozens of actual peer-reviewed studies which show that animal protein causes cancer, I have read none, ZERO, saying fruit does, and this is my whole field of study. I would definitely demand that he produce this article, so I can laugh when it turns out to be from ridiculous, pro-meat source. Link it for me here, and I'll tear it apart for you.

We are omnivores in the sense that we can digest meat- but we are not omnivores in the sense that we are born without the ability to digest animal protein for many months, we can't even eat honey when we are babies. We are not omnivores in the sense that cholesterol from meat clogs up our arteries and gives us massive heart attacks, strokes, disease, when in the bodies of which are designed to consume meat, cholesterol is not a problem. We also grind and chew like omnivores, we have the teeth and the intestinal tract of omnivores, and we have certain digestive enzymes which meat-eating animals do not. Deer also have canines, pandas, and many other plant eaters. And the whole "eating meat makes people smarter and better evolved" is RIDICULOUS, why am I hearing this for a second time?! What about creatures which have survived solely on meat-based diets since their existence? They have not evolved to be highly intelligent because of meat. Meat is a filter for nutrients. All that we get from meat, that animal had consumed from the Earth. Nothing is inherent in meat which we need to survive, so our bodies cannot digest the nutrients as well, because, a filter.

His argument, in my opinion, was terrible. It seemed like he pulled most of his facts from his butt and from meat-propaganda websites. He hasn't proved why, and he never can. I can tell you from my studies, the Western diet is the worst in the entire world. And that is: high in meat, high in dairy. It is shown, PROVEN in epidemic studies that immigrants who had previously eaten very little to no meat who assimilate into the Western Diet absolutely blow up with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, you name it. In fact all of these diseases, including cardiovascular disease (which is the number one killer in the United States) is linked to excess animal protein consumption.

thanks lauren ,you were very helpful. 

I told him what lauren had posted to me. because finding evidence that would support my cause in what I believe is sometimes quite hard. all he had to say was he posted his info. so whatever I told him I had help from more experienced vegetarians. he is a close minded fool so I am not bothering with him any longer.   

Einstein was not a vegeterian, this is an urban myth.

Thanks for posting your thoughts, very interesting!

To be honest, I can't see the point in any kind of discussion between meat eaters and morally motivated non-meat eaters. It would be like discussing the health issues of eating socks versus bricks. To a meat eater, meat is food. To a morally motivated non-meat eater, meat is a sentient being. How can that ever be resolved? So long as the person you are arguing with sees meat as food - don't get into a discussion because you are not on the same page. I believe that the day schools begin to take children, not to see how sweetcorn grows, but to watch how a live animal turns into a McDonald's product and the uproar that will surely ensue.....that's when the discussion can begin to materialize.

I love your answer.  I think I have to copy it and carry with me!

Vegetarianism is a moral choice and since we can see there is a choice to kill a living being being and eat its flesh the choice must be made according to one's moral character-either you care about others in this world or you rather have your taste buds satisfied by the death of another.

I disagree that cooking raw meat makes it easier for humans to digest. That does not stem well from logic. Safer perhaps in killing some of the bacteria since storage temperatures and "freshness" vary globally. The meat they are consuming has essentially begun rotting from the moment of the animal's death. Cooking this is not making easier to digest or the body to absorb nutrients. It is quite the opposite.

Iron and B12 are probably two of the most deficient nutrients for many vegetarians and vegans, however, morally motivated "lifestyle" vegans and vegetarians are supposed to remedy this early in the process and do some intelligent nutritional planning. It can be considered "harder" as a human being to get everything that you need when society is so focused on convenience of animal products, but generally it only means you need to plan further ahead, maybe cook some of your meals in advance, like a larger serving of lentils/beans/grains etc.

I think it is so funny because the choices people make by eating fast food, preservatives, and meats are their best example of how they are sooo healthy!? wtf. Sure, people who eat that are healthy...for the prescription drug company in the profits they make by them. I don't even want to get started.

By making smarter choices you can have all of the essential nutrients, from plant sources instead of animal. It is only harder at first because you have to change certain habits and essentially wrap your mind around this idea in order to stay dedicated to what it is you are trying to do. Also, honest with yourself about your reasons for doing it. I feel this is a commitment that morally motivated individuals will do, whether it is out of necessity or kindness; I'll take it either way

First if you are just finding a way to eat meat then noone can change your mind,
people doesnt eat vegy because they scared of cancer from meat but for the sake of the life people kill just for living.


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