he says that a highlight from an article detailing that women over 50 who ate more fruit than meat in their diet were infact 70% more at risk of breast cancers than that of a meat eater. the rest of the article is interesting and all sited properly with medical research.

and also he says we aren't carnivores, we're omnivores, so we share similarities of both. the fact that we share salival glands with a deer makes as much deer as it does vegetarian. 
the reason we don't eat raw flesh isn't because our stomaches never
could - therefor we dont. but instead it's that we used to, and as a result of us cooking the meat, making it easier to digest + process the nutrients and proteins helped us gain the extra + excess energy to grow bigger brains, smaller stomaches, walk upright and be more intelligent than other animals.
infact if you're trying to weigh up the pros and cons of vegetarianism against all other diets, vegetarianism diets lack the complex fatty acids, vitamin b12, iodine and other vitamins that meat provides in order to stave off dementia, cancers, aid in muscle + bone growth, etc. if the case for vegetarianism is 100% the moral choices of the person, then there's no argument. but as far as "are humans omnivores or herbivores" then we're omnivores and there isn't an argument to be had.

I do not believe that we should eat meat , wither we have the similarities or not. of course I am not as good as he with finding such infomation. he still thinks that meat is good. and therefore he will prove why. 

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Before I begin, I want to preface my statement by saying that we have many beliefs, and I am speaking only for myself, from my own set of personal religious beliefs.

I can't address this post without looking to Adam and Eve, as they lived in the Garden of Eden. And while the story of Adam and Eve is a matter of Biblical fact, not opinion, some may argue the validity of the bible itself; I don't. I believe every word as it's written.

Now, having said that, I'd like to point out that in the Garden, God provided Adam and Eve all that they would need - fresh fruits, delicious vegetation. Those foods contained EVERYTHING that our perfect bodies needed to live a healthy life. All the vitamins, minerals, nutrients. Animals were in the Garden, as well... but ONLY as companions, not as a source of food.

It was only after Adam and Eve were thrown out if the Garden, after the flood, that God allowed us to consume animals. So, if we were made perfect, and made to eat only the vegetation grown from the land in the Garden, and the animals given us were never originally meant for consumption, then would it not be reasonable to assume that said vegetation would make up a COMPLETE DIET of all the human body needs?

You must take all that you know to be true, and decide for yourself. This is what I know to be true, and therefore can make my decision, comfortable in the knowledge I've gathered. Good luck on your personal journey.

I understand that the meat industry is damaging the planet, causing terrible amounts of Co2, drought, land degradation and pollution of water. Nothing good about it.  

Though I agree with you....Steve jobs was a fruitarian and then vegan and had pancreatic cancer. Ashton Kutcher got quite unwell with pancreatitis and elevated enzymes when he tried to mimic his diet for the movie. But fundamentally I think vegetarianism is the healthiest way to eat!

a healthy diet especially of the vegan or vegetarian style keeps many diseases at bay, helps and cures, but never mind the diet, chronic diseases are often if not usually of psychological nature and a result of stress, pressure and haste especially in the workplace that has an impact on private life as we all know, but which only happens, if we don´t organize ourselves and get things to pass off smoothly in every way in everyday life...so, yes and however, vegetarianisn sure or maybe still better vegan life, are both great defenders...

Hey Guys!!

I agree with most people are saying on this thread, just wanted to add my two cents.  As an anthropologist, I can speak to some of the questions people may have about the evolutionary origins of our omnivore diet.  I can tell you that current research suggests that the hominins we are finding in Africa subsisted primarily on vegetation.  The adoption of meat into our diet seems to have come out of necessity during months/seasons when vegetation was scarce, especially as we journeyed out of Africa.  I hesitate to say that we evolved into omnivores (as that word tends to be bandied about like it means nothing), but we most certainly did adapt to different climates and different environments by widening our range of food options.  This ability to subsist off of a wide variety of food is part of why we can survive all over the world. Which is pretty cool :) 

Having said that, meat was never (for our ancestors anyways) a primary source of nutrition.  Ignoring morality for the moment, based on our history alone, we should be eating far more plant products than animal products in order to stay healthy.  And there's plenty of good research that suggests a diet heavy in meat and animal products is one major cause of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc,.  

For myself, I'm entirely vegetarian (trying to go vegan) for purely ethical reasons.  I don't agree or condone the way animals are treated in the meat and dairy industries - I think it's atrocious.  So I make every effort not to fund them, and to protest them when I can.  On top of that, I am lucky enough to live in a first world country and have a good job, so I am perfectly capable of living without taking lives - so I do.  The strong have an obligation to protect the weak, the privileged have an obligation to raise up the oppressed.  

Okay 1, we can live all over the world.  Not every single environment, but "all over the world" is general enough that I felt comfortable using it in a non-academic setting - especially as informal a one as this.  2. I can understand that you have a lot of anger, but I think for the sake of having a positive and constructive discussion, you should try to reign it in.  Instead of putting people down, why don't you "try" to build people up, and demonstrate compassion and love.  However, I'll refrain from asking you to please please please stop being so obstructive and argumentative, as I think that might be a lost cause.  I won't be replying to you again, so you can feel free to have the last word.  

I completely agree :) 

Very well said!
It is that horrible holier than though crap that makes me what to avoid these forums!
I also find it amusing that these preachy people will still use prescription medication, take vitamins, use technology....where do you think all our advancements came from? On the backs, skins and bodies of annals! So before you make an angry and judgemental comment....remember that no one is perfect...no matter how much they think they are!

I think a good take away here is that it's obviously very easy to judge people based on your own opinions and your own experiences, but your judgment says very little about the people your judging.  

I would say that how a person judges you says far more about how they judge themselves than anything about you.  Judgments and anger like that just eat up at you and take energy away from more productive and interesting activities, in my humble opinion :)

I don't know if it was mentioned, it is a long discussion but both meat and non meat eaters are missing b12 because it synthesises in earth, which we have polluted. Plus, we don't have an omnivore mouth. You can't even associate our canines with actual caninevore fangs. And our digestive tract is 10x our body, as in herbivores. Enough said.

You need someone to really scrutinize it. There was also a study done that showed that milk actually is a good source of calcium for children and actually made them healthier etc. if you researched it, the children were from Africa and had been starving on a diet of mainly rice (and very little of that). Of course if you increase the caloric intact from starvation the calcium level will increase. Notice that they no longer claim that it's a good source in milk commercials anymore. An article siteing one study does not proof make. There are many studies done that show vegan and vegetarian diets lower your overall risk of cancer. And honestly, the people in that study may have something else in common besides diet, diet was just one of the factors that stood out to the researcher (who could have been biased).

In all honesty though I have seen a study or two that says the same thing. But-eating a vegetarian diet will not GIVE you breast cancer. There are many factors involved. Even if you have other risk factors for breast CA choosing to eat meat is stupid in my oppinion. If I recall correctly, it wasn't a huge difference. Where there is a big difference in stroke, heart attracts and cancer in general between veggies and meat eaters.


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