Lately I've been really getting into soup, soup of all varieties!

Generally very simple, although sometimes time consuming... my "recipe" has evolved to a very basic outline:

Start with water or almond milk or a mix of both... add any spices (oregano, garlic, basil, cumin, I almost always use - a little salt is good as well)... let boil for 10 mins or so to really get the flavors of the spices into the liquid.

Typically I use this time to get everything else together/prepared to dump into the water.  One of my favs is:

Mushrooms, spinach, carrots, romaine lettuce, a bit of olive oil, a bit of tomato sauce.  Stuff that takes longer to cook gets added first.  Sliced almonds are a good addition, best added late in the game or even after done cooking.

Reduce/add water or almond milk until the liquid carries flavors of all the ingredients is what I typically do - unless I want something to stand out a bit more - say crunchy celery, I'd add it late so as just to cook it enough to heat it up.

When Squash is in season I LOVE butternut squash soup!!!  Super easy too, just bake the squash till nice and soft (whole), and mix with a bit of almond water and stir/reduce until its the right consistency. :)

I've learned to avoid any sort of bases, any sort of bullion, and I used to put noodles in every soup I made but now I use very few if any at all... when I do add noodles I break them up to be very small so they fit on a spoon.

Soups are alot of fun, everyone should try whipping up a soup that suits them at some point!  Heat up water, throw in stuff ya like, wait, eat... :)

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I made a really good vegetarian soup. It's a copycat vegetarian Pho soup. It's an oriental soup with Udon noodles. So good.

Here's the recipe:


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