Before going vegetarian, I LOVED Spicing up everything plausible. Hot sauces, Chili's, Jalapenos, Habanero's. I used to have some burn felt, but never debilitating - except for some HOT Wings 1x (DISGUSTING taste of the sauce that made the burn exp. worse). As I progressed on, being vegetarian, I still had my hot spice crave, and a tolerance for it.

Now I am edging down, towards a Lacto-Vegetarian, in some recent months - my tolerance for hot spices has been going down, and Rocket FAST in last month. MY mouth would be mad sensitive to Jalapenos, and my entire-GI goes on a Hellbound ride (this used to be cakewalk). This cannot be from result, of cutting off egg from my diet. I am figuring this, has to be an unforeseen due course. I still want to enjoy/handle the heat, esp. some vegetarian/vegan recipes, which would involve spices.

Has anyone else encountered sucha spice sensitivity reversal, as they progressed through Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle? Or a unexplained heightened Food/Seasoning sensitivty? Was their a remedy to regain control?

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I have been vegan for 12 years and before that lacto-ovo-vegetarian for about 15 years. I love hot food (really hot) and I have found that my tolerance level goes in waves depending on how much I "train". 

I didn't become a serious hothead until a couple of years ago so you can absolutley increase your tolerance even while on a vegan lifestyle :)


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