What are some of the  most bizzare stereotypes that you have heard about vegetarians/vegans? Plus, tell if you agree or disagree about those stereotypes.

Ex. Vegans are rebels and strong willed people.

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Sayings I heard...
1.Your just going through a phase.
2.You can't conform or fit into the norm so you want special attention.
3.Veggies are conceited.

I've heard some of the same as Ritchie, the "phase" and the "taking the trend" kind of accusations. Compassion is a trend apparently, haha.

I've heard a lot of stuff, like "You're extreme" and "you're an elitist" which I find rather funny since I never address veganism with people unless they bring it up. Always get "what do you eat?" which inevitably leads to people insinuating I eat grass and hay...

OH! My favorite: "You care more about animals than people". That's a favorite of meat-eaters, because if you care about animals, apparently you hate people. Great, sound logic right there! THOUGH, some vegetarians (including a rare few on this site) have explicitly said that animal rights are more important than human rights... which makes me face palm and go "Ahhhh so THAT'S where that comes from".

The more i hear people`s bizarre replies the more i think "maybe i should really care about animals more than people animals have perspectives to be smart and people stuck on being toolboxes"

the stereo type that vegans are rebels and even fanatical can be true sometimes. so if it is sometimes, then it might not be a truth at all, however I do think that anyone that makes a very specific change in their life can definitely tend toward some fanaticism about even more than their diet in this case of veganism.  I do notice a large number of vegans go out of their way to pulverize others who are not.  they may not even realize that they do it. unfortunately, I have seen a lot of name calling even on this site coming from vegans which sort of confirms by admittance about all this.  

stereo types about vegans being not healthy is just plain dumb, but I really don't hear that much.  the stuff about vegans being conceited, trend seekers, going through a phase or as mentioned above as being overly rebellious, unfortunately does hold water when it happens.  and like I said above, while it may or may not be linked to being vegan since it doesn't happen to everyone, the ones that do behave like that, I think a lot of the times are like that because of a very specific outlook on life that they have which is quite narrow in its viewpoints.  more narrow at least compared to someone who eats everything without restriction.

and to be fair, it happens not only with veganism...it happens with people who join cultish multilevel marketing groups like Landmark Education (which I think collapsed last i heard) or other neo-religious groups, or pro-choice/pro-life groups, or environmental action groups.  I have been either involved in such groups or been close to people who are, so this is my conclusion anyway after years of observation which I did not have in my first year of being vegetarian or just one or two years out of my parent's house or just out of college.

sometimes various fanaticisms come from guilt.  I dated a vegan once who busted on me constantly for eating cheese, yet all her education and livelihood was paid for by her father's salary for being a manager of Burger King of all places.  I have met others who strive for living compassionately while their brother is overseas killing people in the army and bringing home a nice stipend to share.  so while it isn't always like this, I do think it happens and their are logical reasons that can be seen.

I am a new vegan and the thing I assume people will automatically think about me is that I am 'flakey'. I am the last person who is actually but I think people DO make specific generalizations[lol] about vegans more so than they do vegetarians. I am vegan first for the well being of animals ,second my well being, I don't know how that would make me a rebel,narrow-minded or flakey. :)

They sure do! Even on this very post! LOL! Oh, life makes me laugh and laugh :) How caring more about animals than your own selfish needs makes you a rebel and narrow-minded, haha that's an excellent point Carly ;) Ignore the haters! The longer their attacks on you, the more insecure they truly are xo

One of the stereotypes I don't care for is being bunched in with all other vegans/vegetarians. Especially the negative ones. I do not agree with every vegan/vegetarian nor do I think every vegetarian or vegan is a shining example of what "one" should strive to be. Unfortunately there are people who have had bad experiences out there with abrasive personalities who rather than listening and coming at it from a neutral point of view, instigate and attack when they themselves do not appreciate being approached in such a way.

I am myself, I have my own beliefs, thoughts and opinions. Don't compare me to the people that happen to also not to eat meat/cheese/dairy/honey or use animal products and also happen to think they are better than almost everyone who never take the time to look in that shallow little mirror as they go on about how someone else looks, what they eat, or have said etc.

Give me a chance and get to know ME. Veganism is only part of who I am.

People assume that I am an animal lover.  In reality I think that animals are so gross I don't even eat them.

I stumbled upon a blog that I thought had recipes, instead it was an anti-vegan page... I read "Vegans are peace nazis" and I couldn't help but giggle at that :-P 

haha pretty ironic

The stereotype that I HATE is that all that vegetarians/vegans eat is salad. Don't get me wrong, I love salads but I don't eat them all day, everyday.

This one comes up commonly in my life. They believe all vegetarians have that tree hugger, hippy, save the animals personality. At least that's what's my friends assume because I am the only vegetarian they know. This couldn't be any further from the truth. Just like the carnivorous community, the vegetarian people all have strenuously diverse personalities and morals. It's very stereotypical to assume otherwise.


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