Suede is not vegan..what other 'names" in the clothing industry should you look out for?

Suede  is made from the underside of the skin, primarily lamb, although goat, calf and deer are commonly used. Splits from thick hides of cow and deer are also sueded, but, due to the fibre content, have a shaggy nap.

I have a coat that I thought was fake "fur" with a soft material...turns out It was made out of Suede, I THOUGHT it was safe but I am glad I googled it.

What other things should a new vegan look out for when it comes to clothes?

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Damn! All I know is leather, wool, fur, feathers/down, and silk. Now Suede? Smdh...

same here. all I knew is what you mentioned. I never thought this could be one of them. 

It never ceases to sicken me, all of the horrendous things people do to animals for the sake of "fashion." It's the skin of our friends, not clothing! Thanks for this post, very important information.

I agree. there is so much out there to watch out for. I am really glad I googled it. anything I wear I have to look up. I can't say I am a vegan and have a coat that is suede ...very important to look up everything! I was sickened when I Looked at my coat, I have a polyester coat so I know that is safe, I just threw out the suede coat..even if its winter and cold here, I don't want to wear anything That is animal..or least try not to.

look it up online. that was my "expert" lol 

very true. 

Tia, do you have a link?

The internet is certainly your friend in these matters, haha!! Better safe than sorry- well, better safe than make a poor animal sorry lmao xo

I know Gerett. I thought I was doing good. smh

This is very true. This is a good reminder to people (myself as well) to check and double check your clothes as much as you would your food! So very important, as you say. Also I feel you on throwing the item out, I could never bring myself to wear an animal like that, it's far too morbid and grotesque for me. Would be physically painful to wear it after I knew the story behind it <3

angora, mohair, wool, leather, silk, down, pearls, cashmere, suede, ivory, lanolin, feathers

I can't hear lanolin and not think:


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