Suede is not vegan..what other 'names" in the clothing industry should you look out for?

Suede  is made from the underside of the skin, primarily lamb, although goat, calf and deer are commonly used. Splits from thick hides of cow and deer are also sueded, but, due to the fibre content, have a shaggy nap.

I have a coat that I thought was fake "fur" with a soft material...turns out It was made out of Suede, I THOUGHT it was safe but I am glad I googled it.

What other things should a new vegan look out for when it comes to clothes?

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Lets not forget what we clean our clothes with. Some fabric softeners are made with animal fat.

I guess you did not read what I wrote..IT MAKES SENSE IF YOU ARE A VEGAN...AND if you have the MONEY, you would throw out the coat OR give it away IF you have another coat that IS NOT made from an animal. ok..what about meat..don't want to disrespect the animal? Don't throw out the it then. if its a vintage coat, sell it..why give in to the industry. BUT that is what I would do. you do what you think is right. and at merryberry, I don't use fabric softeners so I don't have that problem :) 

sorry i am a vegan, yes i have other coats but in winter .. this coat is best ... plus it was also my grandmother, i am sorry i do not see sens in throwing out a item, when i stick to my views, i know it sounds like a oxymoron to be vegan and wear fur, that is vintage, and saying i should also just eat meat as well ..sure you know any 45 year old meat ? ... i think it best to use it as much as i can, sorry if you find my views wrong.. guess that is what makes us all unique ( thank goodness ) 

do what you feel is best hun..if it has some ties to family, I understand that,don't throw it out  and that is the issue. being a vegan ,we do not wear fur or eat is hypocritical to what we are standing for. but as I said DO WHAT YOU think is best for you. don't worry about anybody's the end of the day, you are doing what you want to do for yourself. I may not agree to it but it is not up to me. :)   for myself, the coat I HAVE was given to me by a friend and i have another coat so i threw the animal based coat out since there was not a goodwell store near me. but we all do things our ways. . 

each has their own way ... thank you :)

it says you are a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian ? 

yes , i have to change that .. this is only my second week changing to vegan ... so did not feel right saying vegan till had did least a month ...

changed it :)

I guess I agree with you. When I went vegan, I didn't throw all cheese away but ate the rest of it. It's important not to buy any of these things any more if you decided to be vegan.. but it wouldn't make sense to me to throw all non-vegan things away from one second to another. We have enough trash on our earth. Just use the things you already got and don't buy any more.
It wouldn't help the cow if I just throw the cheese away I already bought. (Not speaking of the cheese of friends when you're staying at their house e.g. - because they'll buy new one as soon as it's empty)
Giving the non-vegan things to a friend would be a nice solution, sure. I just wanted to say that throwing it into the trash wouldn't help.. 

Good idea but I didnt have anybody to give it to and I dont feel ok with contributing  the fur or meat trade by giving it to somebody else..It doesnt sit well with me but I do agree

Thank you!  For some reason, I never thought suede was animal related.


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