Yes, this is the age old discussion of vegetarianism and veganism. However, many (especially young and those who are not experienced) still have difficulties in supplementing protein. I'd like to start a discussion on foods that make protein supplementing easy! I want to clear this foggy area for those newer to being vegetarian/vegan, and now that it is totally possible! Any nuts and butters from them are good, as well as soy products, quinoa, etc. Does anyone have other foods or recipes they'd like to share? :)

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I am totally against supplementing.  When you say people have difficulty supplementing the inference is that supplementing is a requirement. The only thing is, supplementing,  by its nature is not  a requirement. I want to be clear that supplementing is essentially an emergency source of protein. thanks.


Yeah Mongi. I drink so much water especially when I go 2 the gym.  I think 10 liters in a gym day or more? I don't even count now.  I didn't know fluid intake was so important for mineral absorption though!

Supplementing is unnecessary really. Just get it from the food you eat, like rice, beans, quinoa, chia, nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, collard greens, goji berries, hemp seed, raw cacau beans.........etc etc etc

The only time I "supplement" is either pre or post workout with a protein shake for easy absorption and convenience. But that's a very small part of my diet.


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