I just became a vegetarian in September and I not am in need of supplements to take to account for the nutrients that I can't receive from a vegetarian diet.

What kind of supplements do you take? What ones should I take? Also are there any Natural food based supplements that I can take? 

Thanks for the help guys! :) 

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Supplements on the contrary, are made for meat-eaters. You can get all of your essential vitamins from food sources on a vegetarian or vegan diet :)! Supplements are generally not advised, as they lead to nutrient toxicity- they can be taken as an "insurance policy"- but your body still absorbs nutrients the BEST from food ;)! So unless you are low on a certain vitamin or don't feel well, I wouldn't recommend taking any. Good luck!

EDIT: Also, supplements are different than just multi-vitamins. I would suggest you take a multi-vitamin instead, as insurance.


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