ow to stop (politely) a teasing, sarcastic person from "taunting" when taking out frozen meat and dangling it and saying to others: "She's a "Vegan" she doesn't eat any meat. She hates to see this!" Do you also feel as I do that I'm treated as if I'm diseased with no right to defend myself?

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i see all of these really great ways to handle this type of situation and realize that i am very sarcastic and even mean when i handle this type of situation. I do have to say that my freinds and family are just as sarcastic. so i guess that turn about is fairplay. but just for a different perspective, here is what i said when teased about not eating meat. "Really? You're teasing me about eating veggies when you have to put your meat on a fire and season the hell out of it just so you can tolerate it? and after a lifetime of eating it you get to suffer a long drawn out painful death?Why do you have to be so immature? you dont see me waving veggies in your face teasing you."

Then im always told that humans were meant to eat meat. to that i always reply that the momemt i see humans hunt prey and then eat their dead fleash minutes after death without cooking it is the day i beleive that BS. so unless your jaw starts to protrude like a wolf and you grow fangs stop spouting all that crap.

kinda harsh?

It's called: Cognitive Dissonance.

Thanks, I'm a writer by the way living in the UK. I've just written a novel about animal rights called: "The Empathy Spectrum" if you're interested. It'll be available to order at: www.ypdbooks.com from Nov 27th. 

All. The. Time. Especially at work. Sick of feeling like there's something wrong with me. 

It's been a long time since anyone has teased me about being vegan but I was never sensitive about seeing meat. People will always antagonize you if they know they can get a reaction. Maybe next time you could tell them to go ahead an clog their bodies with decayed, rotted animal corpse because you don't care anymore..LOL! You have to be unemotional when you say it, though. 

Best wishes!


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