Every day - at the same time - she waits for him. Sometimes she barks to call him. He comes; they rub and greet each other and they go for a walk. They have done this for 5 years and no, they don’t belong to the same owners.

The owners didn't know until neighbors seeing them together so frequently commented to the cat’s owner, who then followed the dog home which was a distance away - not in a house close or next door. How it started no one knows.

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Never get tired of reading this story
Beautiful bond.... ♥♥♥

Beautiful. My mom's neighbor's dog used to come over and bark for her dog and they'd go out for a run in the woods together, back in the day....

doggie liked pussy

Clever.  *not*


adorable. what country is this ? i would say France.

That is the cutest! I hadn't heard of this beautiful story before. Thanks for posting.

How cute! I really like this relationship

Stunning ,gorgeous  amazing beautiful animals 

It's a beautiful friendship!


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