What are some of the pros and cons of dating a partner who is not a vegan/vegetarian/ etc. in a relationship? (Married people please tell us about your marriage experiences if you are a veg and your spouse is not)

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So would you disown your family? I respect your ideas about wanting to date a certain partner, but a lot of veggies were once meat-eaters. If you love a person, you should be willing to be patient with them and have them see what your lifestyle was about. I believe that if most meat eaters truly made that connection (and didn't have cognitive dissonance) and believed as we do, they couldn't bare eating meat. I think education will only spread if we are patient and kind to our meat-eating friends.

Forcing an idea on someone never brought swift change. If you could give me an example of how isolating from meat eaters would bring benefit, I would support you. But often this approach makes people defensive. I understand being angry, I feel that way a lot of the times too. It's atrocious what happens, but the sad fact is, if you are abrasive, people will be more inclined to defend what they are doing (even if you make good points), and progress will occur more slowly. At least, that is my opinion. 

I agree, it is very frustrating. :(

i agree with Lauren. not very many veggies/vegans are born into their current diets, and you will probably find the majority of meat-eaters are oblivious to animal treatment thanks to government & conglomerate cover-ups. the important thing is to find someone with a personality you adore, as well as them being compassionate, and through that you can enlighten & encourage them to love animals as we do. as they say, "rome wasn't built in a day", and as freedom fighters we must accept this. for example, my boyfriend was molly-coddled by his mum, and until he met me he got away with roast potatoes being his ONLY veg! a few years later, (and i only turned veg a month ago myself) he is trying meat-free substitutes slowly...and i am an impatient person, but i do appreciate his willing :) so, i guess...find someone with the personality, and perhaps before you commit make sure you can properly dig your lady claws in with the chance of success, hehe.

not at all. for me, it was an overnight transition, but unfortunately for others that isn't the case. i am exposing him to videos/images/texts showing why the meat industry is evil AND bad for your health. i have hope for him, but i do admit my concerns for if he doesn't completely transition...heh.

I think by working with meat eaters one-on-one works better anyways. If we shun them then they are less likely to open up to the idea. I agree with Lauren patience is the only way to do it. I've got some people who were so publicly against being vegetarian/vegan to try and and be comfortable with it. They are just afraid of being open about it because society is so against it. What we need to do is change the world one person at a time.

I agree with Robbie on the whole but it doesn't do to alienate those who are either unaware or uncaring about how their lifestyle is inherently cruel and lacking in compassion. Ignorance though needs to be dealt with and I would therefore agree that 'working' with them to encourage change is something that is necessary for the message and behaviour to spread. Dealing with though as far as I am concerned is not the same as dating.

By accepting someone who lacks compassion for innocent beings through their lifestyle is not a compromise that I think for most who want to live a life based on strong moral values and codes, could stomach. For those who see it only as a diet and not a lifestyle I think this is where many of us separate our approach to the rest of our species.

gre88 robbie i support your idea,how can we account for those animals who are killed.....would anyone think of being slow and patient if bloody humans are killed....

You say all this as though there is an instant method to converting someone. As if ignoring the problem will fix it. Being patient is not condemning animals to death: giving up is. If you are so narrow-minded that you cannot get along with someone with a different lifestyle, at least show yourself the decency to be honest about the reason why. You make no progress in shunning those who do not align with our beliefs. I hope only to help you in saying this, as the more gentle approach others were taking seemed unable to get through to you.

I am glad your boyfriend is slowly starting to see the light :)!! It is very sad how disconnected people become; sad we are bred with apathy for living creatures. Same pattern for genocide all over the world. Being a light in his life and any other's will bring beneficial change! Slow, but better than none :)!

Hi. I have this view on family and friends. I respect their decision to continue being meat eaters in spite of being against it. FREE WILL is what GOD gave us all as I see it. Once having been a meat eater I have become a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian out of respect for Sentient life. I talk to them a lot about all creatures including us having a soul. Furthermore, that we need not eat meat to stay healthy and live long. I say to them "Look at me. I have been a vegetarian for 2 years and I am very well alive and healthy and happy." Whether in this life or in the next one or so forth, they will see the light regarding life.

I, no matter who it is, will respect someones decision to blatantly continue eating meat despite clearly knowing the cruelty behind it. Thats ridiculous. Now, you don't have to ridicule them, but respect it? No way.

If you saw a man beating a homeless man in the street and when you tried to stop him he said "I need you to respect my decision to continue beating this man" would you respect it?

I dont agree with blatantly shoving it down peoples thoughts, you and i BOTH know that won't go anywhere. Im not saying move at a snails pace either, but you have to be logical We know animals are dying everyday, theres very little we can do to stop it, but what we can do, were doing. What Robbie is doing is making us feel responsible for not taking action to save the lives of yesterday, when he cannot do it either. So, I don't get it. I have major objection to dating meat eaters, i won't do it unless willing to work with the ideals. 


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