A shocking expose on the deep corruption, shameless lies, and illegal activities of the egg Industry in the United States.  From junk science to threatening violence against competitors, you won’t believe the lengths the American Egg Board, USDA, and egg industry as a whole will go to for a profit.  See all the documents and citations for this video on the blog post: http://www.BiteSizeVegan.com/TheGreatEggConspiracy 

*PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!*  With all the disinformation in our society, it’s ever more vital to sine a light on the truth!  This in-depth expose on the shocking corruption of the egg industry is but one facet of the animal products industry’s underbelly.  Please help this video spread far and wide to combat all the lies!

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Get The Scoop on the Great Egg Conspiracy: http://ctt.ec/aBRdd

The FTC Calls the Egg Industry Deceptive: http://ctt.ec/GL77d

The Lies of the Egg Industry: http://ctt.ec/fgXq0

KFC Double Down Vs. ONE Egg: http://ctt.ec/89LHe

Threats of Violence: http://ctt.ec/l1cop

Illegal to Call Eggs Safe: http://ctt.ec/6Jo_4

Kevin Bacon Wordplay: http://ctt.ec/e8rfx


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Sourced Videos Below & for all other links/sources, see the blog post: http://www.BiteSizeVegan.com/TheGreatEggConspiracy

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